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Girls on TikTok Are Getting So Drunk They Start Cooking Food in Random Restaurants

Convinced that late-night wait staffs could use a hand with cooking food and bussing tables, these tipsy women are stepping in to help

Sometimes the night gets a little out of hand. You plan on going out for a quick drink with your friends, and next thing you know, it’s 6 a.m. and you’re in a public fountain with all your clothes on. It happens! For women on TikTok, though, there seems to be one universal sign that your evening has spun out-of-control: When you find yourself at your drunk-food restaurant of choice, and you’re the one cooking the food. 

Using a viral sound where someone says “man, shut yo—” and is cut off by a loud crash often deployed in scenarios where a person underestimates a situation, women in particular have been making TikToks about times they were planning on only having one drink — or otherwise not getting too drunk — and then, well, failing spectacularly. In some cases, they have photos of them passed out, footage of them fighting a tree or convincing random men that they were on the show Dance Moms as evidence of their behavior. But one common thread that’s emerged is women ending up at restaurants where they take matters into their own hands, either by whipping up their own meal or helping the staff wait tables. 

A popular example begins with a photo of two girls saying, “Let’s try and have a normal night tonight,” which promptly cuts to a clip of one of them in a cowboy hat saucing up a pizza at a restaurant. In another, a photo of a group of girls reads, “Let’s just have a normal spring break,” followed by footage of a member of their flock behind the counter and bussing tables at Waffle House. 

In both of those clips, there’s some indication that the employees of the restaurants either don’t care or are even happy to interact with the women. The pizza girl takes a smiling photo with what appears to be an employee, and the Waffle House footage includes a clip of the girl behind the counter talking with a woman in a Waffle House uniform. Particularly in the Waffle House situation, it really looks like she’s just helping clean up rather than preparing food. 


Couldn’t even try our pizza cuz we got chased out with a spatula:(

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In other clips, drunk girls’ presence looks less helpful. For example, one video featuring a girl putting a pizza in an oven at a restaurant has the caption, “Couldn’t even try our pizza cuz we got chased out with a spatula:(.” Notably, in this video, the drunk girls are not wearing gloves. 

Under most circumstances, customers should probably avoid getting involved in food prep. It’s almost definitely an unwelcome health-code violation that only makes the employees’ job more difficult. But there’s also something completely understandable about the urge to take matters into your own hands when you’re drunk and hungry, or even just the desire to help out because you feel like it. In fact, it seems downright fun. Of course being drunk makes you want to design your own pizza! 

Nevertheless, it’s probably wise to resist. Your chill evening turned chaotic night becomes a lot less fun if it ends with you unable to comfortably return to your favorite local establishment on your next chill evening turned chaotic night. And let’s be honest, you’re not that good at making waffles, anyway.