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The Pulley System That Can Turn Any Doorway into a Gym-Worth Cable Tower

Today, it also brings some pretty strong savings along with it, at 50 percent off on Amazon

The KMM Pulley System Gym, which is currently 50 percent off on Amazon, can pretty much turn your home gym into the actual gym all by itself. (To get the full deal, just click the box that reads “coupon” underneath the regular price, which will bring the cost down to $16.99.)

All the while, it can also help you organize — and utilize — some of the other fitness equipment laying around your house. You know that annoying stack of weight plates sitting against the wall? If you stack them on the KMM Pulley System’s upright loading pin, you’ll be able to execute perfect cable tricep extensions, cable curls and cable rows from any doorway in your place, among numerous other exercises. This, of course, enhances the completeness of your resistance workouts as you capture the unique feel that only comes through training with cables. 

Again, that’s a lot of stuff for a single piece of equipment to pull(ey) off.