“If You’re A Good Guy, You Can’t Possibly Be A Rapist”

At the end of the 2015 Rose Bowl between Oregon and Florida State, several Ducks players were seen singing “No means no!” to the tune of the FSU “War Chant.” It was directed at star Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston, who’d recently been accused of raping a female student.

Antirape activists heralded the mocking jibe as a victory: Finally, here was a group of normatively masculine men shaming other normatively masculine men for sexually assaulting women. But a couple of University of Oregon sociologists, C.J. Pascoe and Jocelyn Hollander, saw it differently. They interpreted the chant as less of a statement about sexual assault and more about positioning the opponent as a failed man, thereby humiliating him both on and off the field.

Pascoe and Hollander recently elaborated on how this is just another example of toxic masculinity and the dangerous notion that “good guys don’t rape” in a recent MEL Q&A. Read it here.

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