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ICYMI: Male Allies in the Fight Over Reproductive Rights, the Problem with the New ‘Sicario’ and…

ICYMI: Male Allies in the Fight Over Reproductive Rights, the Problem with the New ‘Sicario’ and the Science of Bangovers

Is there a worse title for a movie than Sicario: Day of the Soldado? I dunno, just sounds like a direct-to-video title (or I guess, these days, a direct-to-VOD title). Funny enough, it’s a flick that’s currently going toe-to-toe with another terribly-titled film, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. That’s some borderline Michael Bay shit right there. Like, is this a crossover movie with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen? Smh.

But seriously, back to the important stuff, like all the cool shit we posted on MEL today.

Must Read

“The Men’s Guide to the War on Reproductive Rights”
If you, a dude, think about birth control at all, it’s likely that the extent of it is just hoping you don’t knock someone up. But if you care at all about keeping your right (and, ahem, hers) to decide if and when to breed — and how to prevent that pregnancy in the first place — Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement should have you shaking in the boots you want to knock so badly. READ MORE

Let’s Check In on Viagra

In the U.K., some guys are too embarrassed to get a Viagra prescription — even though it’s legal. And so, they buy it from drug dealers instead.

An Actual Film Critic On ‘Sicario: Day of the Soldado’

On better poster quotes for the film: “Crude,” “brotastic,” “racist,” “dog-whistle-y” and “problematic.”

On the film’s moral ambiguity: “Forget moral ambiguity — this sequel doesn’t present its viewpoint with any sense of moral shading.”

One question you’ll find yourself asking: “Wait, how easy would it be to survive a gunshot at close range?”

On the film’s ability to give you a sense of purpose: “By the end of the film, I was curious which small town [Emily Blunt’s character from the first film, who doesn’t return for the sequel] had decided to move to — and if I could go there as well.”

On the feeling the film evokes: Day of the Soldado is well-made. But I wanted to throw a brick through the screen.”

Read the full review, here.

Your Penis is a Window…

…into the health of your body. Contributor Reece Rogers spoke to Aaron Spitz, urologist and author of The Penis Book, about the potential health effects of helicopter-ing your junk, but he thought there were bigger risks we ought to be considering:

Message received, doc: It’s not the violent spinning of our dicks we need to worry about, it’s our cocaine and cheeseburgers intake. Got it.

Did You Know?

A “bangover” per Urban Dictionary, is a sexual hangover — i.e., “The feeling you have the day after an exceptional roll in the hay.” Read about why we get them, neurologically speaking, and what they mean about our sex lives here.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

As LeBron James’ hair has disappeared, his public perception has soared. Case in point: The online sales of his new Lakers jersey has given its retailer one of its top 10 sales days ever. Which raises the inevitable question: How related are the two — his balding and popularity, that is?