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Eclipse Twitter Is the Best Kind of Twitter

Did you see the eclipse? Kind of a letdown? Your eyes, they burning? Can’t believe you have to go back to work now? Well, look on the “bright” side: Twitter was popping. The platform is never better than during those moments when a single subject dominates all conversation, and the first coast-to-coast eclipse in almost a century sure fit the bill.

For starters, everyone was pretty damn horny:

Others felt a tad more aggressive:

Either way, we were all pretty stoked to go blind (or show off our shades):

Then, of course, there were the critics and deniers.

Our hearts go out to the eclipse fans whose viewing parties were thwarted by clouds:

The president didn’t have that problem:

In the end, we all had a great time — and learned some valuable lessons.

See you in another hundred years, everybody.