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A Foremost Ankle-Sock Critic on What Ankle Socks You Should Wear This Summer

This brave, heroic man has tested more no-show socks than your ankles could ever imagine

The problem with no-show socks is that sometimes they do their job a bit too well — their furtiveness so strong that they tend to slip off your heel, burrow themselves into your shoes and leave you with a swampy half-socked, half-unsocked foot.

Which is where the story of redditor Notsureifsirius, a single man in his 30s, begins. As he explained in a post on r/MaleFashionAdvice (MFA), an incredible bout of boredom recently led him to make a considerable effort toward settling the no-show sock score once and for all. “I work as a lawyer, but rarely go to the office post COVID,” he wrote. “As such, I go through a lot of my casual socks — 95 percent of which are ankle socks (i.e., socks that stop just below/at the ankle, which either do not show or barely show depending on my shoe).”

After he decided to throw away most of his socks, many of which had holes in them, he bought different brands of no-show socks and conducted a test to figure out which pair is best suited for even the sweatiest size 13 foot. “I made a mental note of brands I’d seen recommended on Male Fashion Advice before and went to get a pair of each,” he tells me. 

His methodology was simple and to the point: “I wear the damn socks,” he explains. And since he’s an active guy who goes to the gym regularly and likes to hike or bike on the weekends, his top picks are likely more than fine for just about anyone who lives an active lifestyle.

Best Lightweight No-Show Sock 

Notsureifsirius says that the Darn Tough tactical no-show sock has an anti-slip band in the arch that’s crucial for no-show socks that won’t slip off. They’re also made of wool, making them more breathable and prevents them from getting too stifling. That said, he does admit, “They’re a pain in the ass to put on. They’re exceedingly tight and stiff, so it’s like shoving your foot in a brace.”

Best No-Show Sock for Working Out

Speaking of comfort, Notsureifsirius says the Mack Weldon Airknitx ankle sock is cozier than the Darn Tough to put on, which is why he prefers them for “workout situations.” The catch is that they’re “ugly as sin.” “Their saving grace is that the part that shows is solid black, though they’re still more obtrusive than the rest. They’re also the most expensive single pair of the bunch [$18],” he explains.

The Best Bang for Your No-Show Sock Buck

Sometimes, the best pair of socks are the ones you can get the most out of for the least amount of money. After all, we’re talking about socks here. That’s the main thing Nike’s Dri-Fit No-Show Socks have going for them. “A pack of six costs roughly the same as a single pair of the Mack Weldon socks,” Notsureifsirius writes. 

Not to mention, they “have anti-slide elastic in the arches,” and “they also don’t get too hot and sweaty at night.” But again, they’re cheap, and as such, they’re the thinnest pair of socks in the bunch, with a minimal lifespan. “The Nikes are probably a good idea if you need a bunch of socks right now for cheap and don’t care if they’ll be crap in a year,” Notsureifsirius says.

Best All-Around No-Show Sock

The pros of the American Trench Kennedy Ankle Socks are pretty straightforward to Notsureifsirius’ way of thinking: “They’re the most classic (and classy) looking socks of the bunch. They’re extremely comfortable, even after multiple wears and washes. Plus, they’re made in America, which I appreciate.”

Now, go forth into the world and show off those ankles, confident in the fact that your no-show socks won’t end up buried in the front of your shoe.