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The Biggest, Toughest Balls of Ballbusting Porn

So deeply committed to testicular torture that they’ve made it their lifestyles and careers, these guys will stop at nothing to get their sacks sacked

April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, and we’re grabbing it right by the balls. Every day for the entire month, we will be publishing a new story aimed at getting men to better consider — and cherish — their family jewels in hopes of helping prevent a diagnosis that, if caught early enough, shouldn’t prove fatal. Read everything here.

For most men, getting kicked in the nuts is their waking nightmare. In fact, there’s generally considered to be an unspoken pact among guys to never whack each other in the balls. There’s even a universally known ball-related phrase — “below the belt” — that means something is “unfair” and against “the rules” (which stems from boxing, where it’s illegal to hit an opponent below the belt). But, as with any societal norm, there’s always some kinky folks who love what everyone else hates. In this case, that means getting their balls busted until they’re red and raw.

Ballbusting is exactly as it sounds: Someone with a penis stands up or lies down with their balls exposed — often they’re tied up to prevent them from instinctively reacting to the pain by protecting their balls — while another person kicks or punches their nuts. Occasionally tools are involved, like a paddle, an electric cattle rod or even chains to suspend someone from the ceiling by their balls. (And they say romance is dead!)

But, if getting hit in the nuts hurts so badly, how do these sensitive little balls withstand such torture? Could it be that constant nut shots actually make your balls bigger and stronger? It’s up to those with the toughest balls in the aching world of ballbusting porn to enlighten us — below, they’ve taken time out of their throbbing schedules to do just that.

‘Do You Ever Get One of Those Strange, Painful Feelings That You Actually Like? That’s Ballbusting for Me’

Although he’s watched ballbusting porn since his early 20s, Albarreon only began practicing when he was 26. His journey into porn started last year, when one of his videos leaked online and got a positive response. From there, the 30-year-old New Yorker started recording his play sessions and uploading them for others to see. Now, he’s got over 11,000 followers on Twitter — all of whom get their kicks from watching a masked, gagged and tied-up Albarreon get his balls get smacked, kicked and electrocuted by another masked — and burly — dude.

When I was a kid/teenager, before I started watching ballbusting porn, I was really into wrestlingWWE and stuff — and was obsessed with nut grabs/below the belt blows. Same for movies or video games where that was present — and usually played for laughs, which never made sense to me. The first time I saw actual ballbusting porn was from Shotgun videos. I got so hard from watching that stuff that it became unmistakable that this was a kink of mine. The first time I actually got ballbusted was on a random play date via Grindr. It wasn’t even the main reason we were playing — it was mostly stuff like bondage, canning and stress positions, but when he hit me in the balls, I started to realize that I didn’t just like to watch ballbusting porn, I also liked getting hit there.

It’s hard to describe what it feels like. Do you ever get one of those strange, painful feelings that you actually like? When my teeth were becoming loose when I was younger, I loved to tinker around with them — it hurt, but hurt in a good way, you know? I guess it’s kind of like that with my balls. It hurts, but it also turns me on and makes me hard. Mind you, this doesn’t mean that I like being randomly assaulted — consent is important. But I can say that ballbusting causes some of my most intense erections and orgasms. I know there are guys — particularly those into ballbusting femdom — who talk about loving the idea of being vulnerable to a woman, and that’s how they process their kink. In my case, it’s really about the sensation. The pain. The torture. Additionally, being bound also enhances it for me.

The lifestyle of a ballbusting sub depends on the sub. In my case, it means I like taking care of my body because I want my body to look good in videos. I like seeing hot guys take a beating, so I take care of my diet, go to the gym and take care of my skin, just to look pretty for someone to come and mess up my shit. So I guess you could say I commit to it 24/7. I’m always trying to coordinate a ballbusting session, but it’s not easy. I like to plan my stuff weeks in advance, but sometimes you get flakes, sometimes you get doms who seem a bit too shady and crazy. So how often I’m busted is pretty unpredictable.

I’d say my balls have gotten stronger since getting them regularly busted. Your pain tolerance does go up with time. But sometimes you’re more sensitive than others. Last time I played, the dom and I were surprised by how sensitive I was. My theory is that the longer you go without cumming, the more sensitive you are to ballbusting, but I’m not 100 percent sure. Your pain tolerance is also higher before you cum. While you’re mid-orgasm, you can go pretty hard, but after you cum, your pain tolerance hits rock bottom and a dom can really make you hurt. So there’s a way to manipulate it. As for my balls, they seem fine — I did have to get a surgery done because I did go overboard once, but I’ve since recovered and my balls look as bouncy as ever. So cheers to that!

I have a lot of plans for the future. For starters, I want to start playing with female doms — just to see if there’s a difference, and to expand my expertise. I also want to start doing ballbusting when wrestling with multiple guys, or girls. As for something more extreme, I want to be able to use the strongest cattle prod I got. I tried it once, and boy does it hurt. It was the worst pain I’ve ever felt. But I’m a pain pig and challenge-oriented, so I want to push myself to be able to take more. I’ll probably find a dungeon with heavy-duty restraints that will let me record and submit myself to the cattle prod. It’s going to be a brutal video.

‘Just the Other Day, My Balls Were Kicked Until I Was Whimpering and They Had Swollen to a Massive Size’

When he was a teenager, Liam discovered his ballbusting fetish after watching someone at school get kicked in the nuts by a girl wearing boots. While everyone else winced or laughed, Liam wished he was the one getting kicked. From there, his kink only grew, culminating in him making ballbusting porn with an ex-girlfriend five years ago. Now, he and his new girlfriend Amber make daily videos, with Liam sometimes getting his balls busted several times a day.

The easiest way to describe it to those without balls is by saying it’s like getting spanked and enjoying it — it hurts, but also feels good. My balls are perfectly healthy — ballbusting is safe if you do it with someone you trust. Just the other day, Amber kicked my balls until I was whimpering and they had swollen to a massive size. It was an absolute blast, and the swelling normally goes down in about an hour or so.

For me, the most extreme thing we do is introduce other women to our dynamic so Amber and them can do it together. Many men out there have a fantasy of getting their balls popped, but that isn’t for me — although Amber does threaten it, but it’s all in good, sexual fun.

‘My Balls Have Definitely Gotten Stronger — I Couldn’t Take What I Can Today Five Years Ago’

Squishy Sax is a porn producer, performer and videographer, and the owner of Sadistic Queens, a fetish platform and collective. Although he discovered his ballbusting fetish in middle school — when play-fighting with girls — it wasn’t until 2014 that he turned his kink into a career. Now he boasts over 11,000 followers on Twitter, and gets his balls busted two to three times a week — usually for four long hours at a time.

There are so many elements that I like about ballbusting, particularly the power dynamics and the joy it gives the person busting me. Plus, it’s great fun! I wouldn’t change it for the world. Because I can really take it, my pain tolerance has given me the opportunity to travel the world, getting my balls busted in different countries. I haven’t committed to this lifestyle 24/7, but I’m very active, being a producer of ballbusting content and other related kinks.

My ballbusting mostly consists of kicking and stomping — also grabbing, squeezing and kneeing too. The grab and squeeze is really nice as it’s up close and personal, usually looking into the person’s eyes as they intensify their grip. But ball stomping is my favorite and what I’m mostly known for. Stomps are great — they allow room for improvising, so a ball stomp could transition into crushing them with the ball of the foot or into a walkover, using the balls as a stepping stone. Kicking and kneeing are the most common ballbusting techniques, though — and is very nostalgic for me, as this was the method used on me in school.

After years of ballbusting, my balls are doing fine. They’ve definitely gotten stronger — I couldn’t take what I can today five years ago. I believe after years and years of being hit in the same spot, your body does what it can to protect you.

‘I’m Sensitive About Most Other Pain. If I Get Kicked in the Leg Instead of the Balls, I’ll Have to Take a Break’ 

Beasts Cage realized he was into ballbusting and femdom when he was a teenager, avidly searching things on Google, like “girl beats up boy.” But when he first started making ballbusting videos at the age of 18, he says they were more like “awkward Jackass knockoffs” than porn. Over the years, his work has developed, and since 2018, when he started making them professionally, his production has become much slicker, and his ballbusting more brutal. Now he’s making daily videos for his ever-growing following.

Some days, I hate everything about ballbusting except the feeling afterwards. The anticipation of the hit is nerve-racking and the pain is immense, but the feeling after it’s over and the reaction of the kicker is what makes it a pleasant experience. I don’t like stinging pain, so ballbusting is the perfect blunt pain for me. I’m a bit sensitive about most other pain in general, actually. If I get kicked in the leg instead of the balls, I’ll have to take a break. 

I have a partner right now, and we’re in a female-led relationship. I get my balls busted every day in between doing dishes or vacuuming. Some days are more intense than others, for example if I have a shoot or a session planned on a day that my partner also ballbusts me for her own content or just for fun. This isn’t the case for every ballbusting sub, though. It can be pretty transactional if you can’t find any proper play partners. My experience will always be a bit different because I produce a lot of my own content on a consistent basis. There are studios way more popular than I am that hire submissives or accept volunteers to be kicked for nothing but pleasure. I love my fetish and I would say I live it 24/7, but I’m also definitely more business-minded these days.

My balls are surprisingly fine — although maybe it’s not surprising. We’ve always known that balls are pretty resilient. I always hear stories about “rupturing” and “popping,” and from what I’ve gathered, it’s all fantasy. There are days where my balls are swollen — literally double the size — but after a couple of days, they’re right back to normal. I don’t think my balls are any stronger than they were when I started, but I do think that mentally the ballbusting is a lot easier. My recovery time has improved the most — I can stand there and take 20 hard kicks in a row most days now.

For me, I’m already pushing my limits by taking bare ball kicks with heels. I commend so many of these subs for powering through full-blown cock-and-ball torture. I can at least have my dick and balls paddled and stepped on — I don’t do much of it, but I’d like to try more. The future of ballbusting looks odd. Like most content creation, there are a lot of fans with high expectations. Some want completely candid and amateur content, but others love the traditional, high-protocol, brutal clips. Both are tricky to make these days due to strict guidelines by porn sites and credit card companies. Legal information/identification is required on most sites, which turns away most amateur performers, and the more intense stuff is banned altogether for simply appearing to be “non-consensual.” 

We’re all just kind of figuring it out. It’s fun for sure, but it’s a lot to navigate through. Still, ballbusting is my life in many ways. I don’t have any regrets, no matter how much my balls have gone through.