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That’s My Fetish: Getting Punched in the Balls

An occasional series about men’s most intimate proclivities

Name: Jay Wimp
Age: 26
From: Northern California
Fetish: Ballbusting (i.e., getting punched and kicked in the balls)

When did you first realize that ballbusting turned you on?
For as long as I can remember. But I always kept it a secret. It wasn’t until I got to college that I acted on my desire. That’s when I came out and asked one of my girlfriends to kick me in the balls.

What was her reaction?
The first time I ever asked her, I was crawling over her on the bed, and she lifted her leg up like, “What if I kick you in the balls?” I came back at her like, “What if you did?” She quickly responded with a “What if I did?” I got really nervous. Sort of like, “Shit, maybe she thinks I’m crazy or weird.” So I backed off and didn’t bring it up again for another year or so.

When I did, though, it turned out ballbusting was a big turn-on for her, too. A couple of years later, we started doing it professionally. Our videos sold really well; it was wild because ballbusting was never something I thought I’d be able to make a living doing, but somehow I’ve made it work. Now, I film without her for

When do you like having your balls kicked or punched — before or after sex?
It’s a huge, huge turn on for me to do ballbusting before sex; it definitely heightens that activity for me. Though I must admit, I’ve ballbusted enough by now where I can just about come from getting kicked or punched in the balls alone.

What’s the difference in sensation between being punched in the balls and being kicked in the balls?
I’m always going to lean more towards wanting to get kicked in the balls because it ties into my boot, shoe and high-heel fetish. I also think it comes with more humiliation. That said, getting punched in the balls is a very different, much sharper kind of pain.

Does a specific kind of punch or kick hurt more than another?
The angle you’re getting punched makes some difference — whether it’s an uppercut or straight-on shot. But mostly, all punches are the same since you’re being struck with knuckles every time. Whereas when you’re getting kicked in the balls, the angle is important because different parts of the foot will hit different parts of the balls. For instance, if you get hit with the toe, it’s going to hurt a lot more than the arch of the foot.

Have you ever been injured?
Most definitely. When I book shoots, people are always like, “How many scenes are we going to shoot?” I always respond, “I don’t know — two to three, maybe four. It all depends on how hard you’re kicking.” A lot of times after a scene I ice my balls right away. And I usually wait two to three days between shoots to give myself time to recover. But yeah, injuries happen. Last month, I had to cancel a bunch of work because I couldn’t do anything. I had severe swelling and bruising, worse than I ever had before. I went to the ER and got things checked out. Everything ended up being fine, but it was a huge scare. One guy I know who did this for a living was injured in such a way that he needed to have surgery, and he can’t do ballbusting anymore.

Have you ever been paired with a performer who’s reluctant to really go for it?
I’ve worked with people who’ve turned it up to 110 percent once the camera gets going. And I’ve worked with some people who are incredibly hesitant. I have to do a lot of convincing, and even then, they’re still hesitant.

Are your videos ever faked?
To a certain degree, it’s all kind of performative. A lot of what you see in the videos is never going to be how a real ballbusting session would go. I act like I’m in a lot more pain than I normally would. If I did every single video with a smile on my face, which is what happens in real life, it would be weird for the viewer since I imagine people wouldn’t want to see that.

Have you ever reversed roles? Or does that not interest you?
I’ve played the dom on camera a few times. In other words, it’s not always me bottoming, though the majority of it is. I think it’s important to note that ballbusting and wanting to get hit in the balls — that particular desire — doesn’t always necessarily come from a submissive place. It does for me, but for a lot of guys, it’s just a form of foreplay and a test of endurance. Even for me sometimes, I’ll play with ballbusting as a type of foreplay as opposed to using it as some sort of submissive act. So ballbusting doesn’t always have to be fallen in the realm of femdom. It could just be two people who want to get hit in the groin or to hit someone else in the groin.