Ashwin Rodrigues

Ashwin Rodrigues is a writer based in New York. He writes about culture, comedy, science and technology for MEL, McSweeney's, Vice, Vulture and other places. He sends his regards.

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The Kurta Is Everywhere, and Everything Is a Kurta

All boys, I’m convinced, dread going to weddings. But I had a particular reason to loathe those formal family affairs: I had to dress up…

How to Tell a #MeToo Joke Without Being a Dick

To understand comedian Ted Alexandro, you might start with his childhood in India, or his failed ’80s rap group, or even his viral moment excoriating…

Is This the End of the Visible Male Ankle?

A man’s ankle is disputed territory. As body parts go, it seems like the ankle would require a remarkable imagination and/or atypical proclivities in order…