Ashwin Rodrigues

Ashwin Rodrigues is a writer based in New York. He writes about culture, comedy, science and technology for MEL, McSweeney's, Vice, Vulture and other places. He sends his regards.

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Is This the End of the Visible Male Ankle?

A man’s ankle is disputed territory. As body parts go, it seems like the ankle would require a remarkable imagination and/or atypical proclivities in order…

The Credit Card Daredevils Who Risk It All for the Points Game

Gary seems normal enough. He’s a young professional. He has a girlfriend. (Single people are also normal, but what I mean is at least one…

The Phenomenon of the Dog Avatar

It’s a simple phenomenon, but once you see it, it’s impossible to ignore. A large social media account posts something vaguely race-related, like, say, a…