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Get It While It’s Hot: You’ll Rarely Find a Rowing Machine Like This For So Cheap

It’ll work out 80 percent of your body at 15 percent of the usual price

What if I told you that you could train well over 80 percent of the muscles in your body — including all of the muscles in your legs — while watching television in your living room? That’s what’s on the line here with the ATIVAFIT Magnetic Rowing Machine, which is presently on sale at Amazon for the absurdly low price of $159.79. 

From an efficiency standpoint, rowing is arguably the best workout in the world. To the uninitiated, rowing may seem like it would be primarily a back workout — and it certainly does incorporate the full range of the back’s muscles, as well as all of the other muscles in the posterior chain. However, anyone who has ever taken a seat at a rower and cranked out a few thousand meters at a time knows the truth: Rowing is among the most thorough leg workouts on earth, hitting the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and everything in between. 

Even if you hated lifting weights, training on a rowing machine 15 to 20 minutes each day with proper form will work wonders for your body, even going so far as to hit your midsection in a way that will leave you wondering whether or not you ever need to bother with crunches again in your life.

At this price, too, you can experience all of the anatomical benefits of rowing for 15 percent of the money a Concept2 rower would set you back. Get the ATIVAFIT Magnetic Rowing Machine, and you’ll learn to appreciate the value of training your entire body in one fluid motion, all while sitting close to the floor in the comfort of your own home.