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An Epic ‘Mortal Kombat’ Oral History, Sad Fuccbois and the Houseguests from Hell

I, for one, will never be inviting anyone to stay over at my place ever again after reading about the crazy shit some redditors have put up with from houseguests. Really people? Leaving your pubes all over the bathroom?

Not that it changes much, considering I generally don’t invite friends over in the first place. My apartment is my dojo, got it? MINE. If I want to shave my own pubes and leave them all over the bathroom, that’s my God-given right.

Get that, plus everything you ever wanted to know about Mortal Kombat and an investigation into who’s still having sex at work, below.

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Few titles play such a defining role in gaming history as Mortal Kombat. It was as innovative as it was violent, points that served as catnip to kids and a headache to protective mothers everywhere. Hear from the actors who played Luke Cage and Sonya Blade, project directors who helped build the game and the journalists, bloggers and obsessives who helped propel it into legendary status. READ MORE

Active $$$hooter Training

What’s more American than turning our collective fears of being shot in our schools and in our offices into cold, hard cash? For the opportunistic folks who have turned active-shooter training into a cottage industry, the answer is obvious. But is what they’re teaching even effective?

Gimme All the Hours

When 5-Hour Energy burst onto the scene like a caffeine-addled bat from hell in 2004, it was an instant hit. Cheaper than cocaine, discreet enough to fit in your pocket and “special” ingredients that promised to keep you clubbing until the sun came up. But does that last point actually deliver?

As someone who has chugged his fair share of Hours, the answer to that last question is a resounding yes. But it’s not because of the N-Acetyl L Tyrosine, or the Citicoline or even 5-Hour’s no. 1 ingredient, niacin — that shit doesn’t do squat. No, there’s only one ingredient above that means a lick to anyone one hopped up on the stuff. See if you can guess which it is!

Don’t Call Me “Fuccboi”

Oh no: Fuccbois, i.e., guys who live to fuck, are upset online about being called “fuccboi.” Break out the world’s smallest violins, you guys, considering men have been referring to sexually active women as “sluts” and “whores” for ages. And, because their fuck-and-ghost behavior often leaves wide swaths of emotional wreckage in its wake. But perhaps the problem isn’t actually the label itself — it’s the deep-seated problem the label represents.

Sex at Work: Yay, or Nay?

Yay, all the way.

Back ‘Em Up

In our current cultural and political environment, more and more women are overtly expressing their commitment to having other women’s backs. As it should be! But you don’t hear much from men expressing their own commitment to having women’s backs. Which is puzzling, given it’s a non-partisan, simple expression of solidarity. Zaron Burnett spoke to five men about what it means to have a woman’s back, and what that type of support actually looks like in real life.

Get Ziggy With It

David Bowie’s legendary non-binary alter-ego didn’t just allow the rock star to play outwardly with his sexuality. It gave him license to think androgynously, too. And that, experts say, is something we should all aspire to achieve. Because people who operate in both the masculine and the feminine are more creative, happier and better leaders.

Houseguests from Hell

Staying over with a friend or family member should be a pretty simple proposition, considering there are really only three simple rules:

  1. Ask before using stuff.
  2. Clean up after yourself.
  3. Say thank you.

And yet, often, many people get it wrong. Like pubes in the shower and literal shit in the trash can, wrong.