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A Tattooer Rates the Christmas Tattoos of Instagram

No one loves Christmas more than these people

Everyone who celebrates Christmas loves Christmas, and anyone who says otherwise needs a large mug of spiked eggnog. But some commemorate the holiday year round—and take their festive fandom to new heights—with Christmas-themed tattoos, which are currently taking Instagram by storm. Below, you’ll find some of our favorites (both good and bad) with commentary from tattooer John Engfors of The North Tattoos.

Engfors: It’s cool to see a little festive touch put on a good ol’ abduction tattoo. The truth is out there, my friends!

Engfors: You really can’t go wrong with a naked Santa flying through the sky.

Engfors: I’ve always loved how he only has one antler.

Engfors: I don’t know about this one. Would the Grinch have been grouchy if Whoville were 420-friendly?

Engfors: I like this one—except for the harsh language!

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I want to do ALL the Christmas (& gremlin) tattoos

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Engfors: Gremlins is one of my all-time favorite Christmas movies!

Engfors: Kids, don’t do this at home.

Engfors: This is actually a great Grinch tattoo!

Engfors: …and an even greater Grinch tattoo!

Engfors: Finally, one I would want on myself.