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To recap: In late March, we went on hiatus to find new funders after we parted ways with our previous owners, Dollar Shave Club. After receiving nearly 50 investor inquiries, we’re happy to announce that we’ve been acquired by Recurrent Ventures.

Who is Recurrent, you ask? Who isn’t Recurrent? They own a bunch of publications with deep, prestigious histories — SAVEURPopular ScienceDominoOutdoor Life and The Drive, chief among them — and they’ll be building a new lifestyle portfolio with MEL as the flagship.

Does this mean MEL is gonna go soft? Absolutely not. We’re still planning to report on every pressing issue that matters — like the (very) small worlds of men with micropenises and how to make your loads bigger. (And here you thought we might change — or grow up.) Not to mention, men are still NOT okay. A new type of guy crops up every day, and if we don’t unpack them in our imitable way, who will?

The official site relaunch is scheduled for August 3rd (that’s a Tuesday if you want to mark it down in your calendars). Between now and then, we’ll be sending out this newsletter at least once a week to remind you of one very important fact: