These Are the Questions Therapists Love to Ask the Most

On Twitter recently, a bunch of mental-health professionals revealed their favorite questions for clients. They’re a mix of thought-provoking and painful, but they’re also very useful things to ask yourself — whether you’re in therapy or not

Why Women Are Whispering ‘Therapy’ into Their Boyfriend’s Phones

If there is anything worse than snooping on your partner’s mobile device, it might be trying to manipulate their targeted ads to get them to talk to a therapist

The Search for an Extremely Online Therapist

How can they begin to understand my mental anguish if they have no clue who Shrimp Guy is?

The World Needs a Chad Therapist

Though TikToker @nottclay was only joking when he made a series of videos role-playing what a session with a Chad therapist would be like, he might actually be on to something