Sundance Hit ‘The Assistant’ Is Not a Harvey Weinstein Movie

Kitty Green’s riveting new film is about underlings forced into a system of complicity to protect a faceless creep’s abuse of power. It’s the sharpest — and most devastating — #MeToo film yet

The Scariest Thing at Sundance 2020? Movies About Dementia

The superb films ‘Dick Johnson Is Dead’ and ‘The Father’ are terrifying wake-up calls about a future we hope never arrives

‘Ren & Stimpy’ Saved Your Childhood. The Show’s Creator Ruined It.

The mournful Sundance documentary ‘Happy Happy Joy Joy’ illustrates how cartoonist John Kricfalusi poured his misanthropy into his brilliant kids’ program — and then tainted his creation forever because of his penchant for grooming teen girls

In ‘Downhill,’ Will Ferrell Is One Sad, Bad Dad

The ‘Saturday Night Live’ superstar has made his career playing over-the-top alpha males. In the new Sundance comedy, he’s perfect as a pathetic everyman who, somehow, is even more of a bastard than Ron Burgundy.