Young Shitlers: How Teen Edgelords Became the New Leaders of the Neo-Nazi Movement

They’re not old enough to buy a gun, and in some cases, they’re not even old enough to drive. But their commitment to hate and violence belies their age — and the men who came before them.

‘All Day and a Night’ Tells a Harrowing but Familiar Father-Son Crime Story

Ashton Sanders and Jeffrey Wright star in this Netflix drama that examines how systemic racism and economic inequality destroy so many black lives. It’s an eminently worthy subject — too bad the film ends up being clichéd.

Are Black People Really Safe From Coronavirus Because of Melanin?

How fake news helped this strange (and utterly false) coronavirus myth spin out of control

Who Am I to Tell You How to Mourn Kobe?

The performative moral supremacy that many of us succumb to on social media — the need to be woker-than-thou — isn’t really about justice. It’s time to ask: Who is afforded ‘nuance’ after death, and why?