My Life as a Stand-in Dad

When my sister’s kids were young, I moved in with them and became a co-parent. Now that they’re college-aged, I asked them what they made of that time, and how they came to think of me as both their uncle and replacement father figure

Why Is Snoop Dogg Rooting for a Cop-Loving Capitalist?

Rick Caruso is a billionaire and former Republican who made his fortune in real estate and has promised to ‘fund the police’ while running for L.A. mayor. But why on Earth is South Central’s very own Snoop Dogg endorsing him?

The Black Streamer Who Trolls Racists for the Lulz

What does a Civil War video game tell us about racial politics in modern America? Maybe just that America still finds laughter in Black pain — but Andrew Norris is making a statement by playing along

How the Manosphere Organizes Against Black Women

Black women are a target online for the far-right, and the threat has been growing steadily over the last decade. Here’s why ‘misogynoir’ is so dangerous