West Philly Residents Fight Gentrification with Their Own Shit, Literally, and Win in Court

Neighbors are battling against a developer, and the weapon they’re using — fecal matter — has just helped them win a legal battle to block the new construction on the grounds of environmental justice

The City That Will Never Stop Riding Hard for Its ‘Boner 4Ever’ Graffiti

Next to the Liberty Bell, the ‘Boner 4Ever / Forever Boner’ Building might be Philly’s most beloved landmark. Which is why locals are outraged that developers want to turn it into a Marriott

What Happens to Black Activists When Cops Write the History Books?

Tommy Oliver talks about his HBO documentary ‘40 Years a Prisoner,’ which chronicles a deadly 1978 showdown between MOVE members and local law enforcement — and the effect it’s had on racist policing today