Three Men (Who Aren’t First Responders) Who Saved Someone Else’s Life

Meet the pizza delivery guy, the cake-maker and the retired mayor who all stepped up when they were needed most

Three Men Who Survived Unspeakable Accidents With a Train, a Boat and a Plane

What’s it like to be hit by a train? Chewed up by a boat propellor? Go down in a plane that’s run out of fuel? We asked the unfortunate guys it happened to.

Terminal Lucidity: The Researchers Attempting to Prove Your Mind Lives On Even After You Die

One of the strangest stories of death you’ll ever hear is the tale of Anna Katharina Ehmer, a wildly deranged, developmentally delayed German woman who…

The Real Reasons Everyone’s Clinical Death Experience Is the Same

Many people who’ve had a near-death experience describe it as a much stronger experience than a dream — more “real than real life,” a moment that forever…

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