‘Wake Up’ Defined the Arcade Fire Era, for Better or Worse

They were a signature indie-rock band of the 2000s, their most indelible song representing a defiant hope during the darkness of the Bush years. But by speaking to their age, the group ended up being pigeonholed by it

‘That’s My Bush!’ Was the Ultimate Pre-9/11 TV Show

What a poorly timed presidential satire got right about American politics

I Am Once Again Asking for the End of Political Dynasties

No more Kennedys in Congress? Not a problem

In 2004, ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ Became the Most Unlikely Summer Blockbuster Ever

Michael Moore didn’t want George W. Bush to win a second presidential term. So he decided to make a documentary about him. It turned into a sensation, but it failed in its mission.

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