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Man Links

Perhaps, you think, the agenda of Man Links is to drag my fellow man. Perhaps, you think, we are merely out to highlight the nasty things, the complete and utter incompetence. In fact, I do not wish to do harm, so in week’s edition let us celebrate the many positive things men did, are doing and hopefully… will do.

This is, it’s worth noting, an American rather than global norm. American women tend to do more housework than women in other countries — about four and a half hours each week, on average. “Meanwhile, Spanish women only spend about an hour and a half a week on housework, Brazilian women spend only 1.6 hours a week,” they write. But “French women spend almost no time on housework at all. French men, on the other hand, spend 1.2 hours a week on housework, well more than the .8 hours a week spent by American men.” (Ladies, your secret, s’il vous plaît!) Also, “Japanese and Slovenian men do the most housework, at 1.3 and 1.4 hours a week.”

  • David S. Pumpkins:

Eric Ducharme, aka the Mertailor, says he sells thousands of tails annually, charging $120 for a stock version and as much as $5,000 for custom. (Thirty percent of his customers are male.) His tails appeared in this year’s The Nice Guys, with Ryan Gosling. “When movies come out, people get obsessed,” says Ducharme, 26. “It’s a sexual thing, but not in a perverted fetish way.” The obsession lives on: A live-action Little Mermaid and a Walt Disney remake of Splash with Channing Tatum as a merman are in the works.

  • This cool dad:

What’s particularly special about the Magic Lounge is that it doubles as a kind of incubator. Whenever there’s a break in the action during the club’s Thursday- and Saturday-night stage shows, off-the-clock magicians — many of them among the Magic Lounge’s roster of 30 or so private members and each undoubtedly with a deck of cards in his pocket — cluster along the periphery of the bar to experiment with material on their peers, who most appreciate the rigors of the craft and who are most difficult to impress. Once the audience has gone, after-hours “sessions” overtake the club. Those in attendance workshop and talk shop with panache.

As Moeller recalled, one night the former president was eating by himself and, “I decided to kind of ‘man up’ the meal a little bit — so I made chicken fried steak, some mashed potatoes and corn. And the butler took it out to him and comes back and he’s laughing … He put the plate in front of [the president] and he looked at it and said, ‘There’s nothing green on the plate — I like it.’”

  • Phil Collins, for now:

We essentially created the Oakland Men’s Project in 1979 to kickstart this dialogue. Our motto was “Men’s work to stop male violence.” We worked with men of all stripes from a wide variety of economic backgrounds, races and other identities, including men who identified as straight, gay and bisexual. Wealthy men, however, were rarely in our groups, because they typically had the resources to protect themselves from accountability through the use of lawyers and political connections.

  • Whoever desecrated Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star:

“When he’d get up in the morning and go and have his breakfast, someone would go in and turn the pictures back to front, or fucking move a lamp beside his bed across the other side of the room. He’d arrive pale: ‘Have you been in my fucking room?’ ‘No, why?’ ‘You’ve been in my room, because now the fucking lamp is in the toilet.’ ‘No way, fucking hell. Wow.’”

Damn, so much great stuff! So many great men! I swear it didn’t take me twice as long to find a bunch of good men doing stuff than it usually takes me to find bad men doing stuff. I swear.