The Sexual Fluidity and Eternal Cool of the Velvet Underground

Todd Haynes, the director of a great new documentary about the influential 1960s band, discusses the group’s erotic charge, their dismantling of masculinity and why frontman Lou Reed remains a fascinating mystery

The Liberal Cringe of ‘Fauci’

The admiring portrait of Anthony Fauci, which comes to Disney+ tomorrow, convincingly portrays the immunologist as a principled, compassionate individual. But it also flatters its left-leaning audience without ever challenging their beliefs

Why Can’t Rock Stars Stop Making Movies About How Much Being A Rock Star Sucks?

‘The Nowhere Inn’ is just the latest film in which a musician wants us to know that their life isn’t as great as it seems

Kenny G Weaponized Pleasantness

The new documentary ‘Listening to Kenny G’ explores why the popular smooth-jazz instrumentalist is so divisive. Maybe it’s because there’s something eerily inhuman about his brand of inoffensive beauty

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