A Beginner’s Guide to Sion Sono, the Outrageous Japanese Auteur Behind Nicolas Cage’s Most Outrageous Performance

The ‘Prisoners of the Ghostland’ director has a long history of making movies that elicit fear, horniness and contemplation in equal measure

You’ve Got a Friend in Mark Duplass

The affable star of ‘Language Lessons’ talks about his love of meeting new people, fighting the temptation to be a white savior and why he’s not worried if he and his wife have a codependent relationship

‘Dune’ Is the Pretentious Big-Screen Movie We Need Right Now

People find Dude Cinema from the likes of Denis Villeneuve exhausting because of its glum tones and epic self-importance. But there’s something really thrilling about a director willing to take a big swing.

The Last Great Sean Penn Movie

The Oscar-winner’s latest directorial effort, ‘Flag Day,’ is a dud. Better to revisit ‘The Pledge,’ which was released 20 years ago and deserves a second look — both as a subversion of the whodunit and an example of Jack Nicholson at his very best.

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