‘Elephant’ Is Still the Definitive Movie About School Shootings

Recent films like ‘Mass’ and ‘The Fallout’ chronicle the aftermath of gun violence. But Gus Van Sant’s divisive, brilliant 2003 drama forces us to confront the unimaginable horror of being at the center of such an inexplicable tragedy

‘The Last Picture Show’ Is a Perfect Film About Imperfect Young Manhood

Peter Bogdanovich’s greatest movie has been the quintessential coming-of-age drama for half a century. But it’s also revealing about the late filmmaker’s passionate, complicated history with the women in his life

How ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ Went From Disappointment to Unlikely Christmas Classic

When Stanley Kubrick’s final film opened in the summer of 1999, most thought it was a misfire. More than 20 years later, it’s now properly appreciated as a strangely appropriate encapsulation of all that’s alienating and weirdly entrancing about the holidays

George Clooney Is America’s Most Average Director

Early in his filmmaker career, the Oscar-winner seemed poised to be a force behind the camera. But as ‘The Tender Bar’ demonstrates yet again, he seems to have lost his passion for directing — so why does he keep doing it?