Five Lies You’ve Been Told About Boats

Are you screwed if you sail through the Bermuda Triangle? And is that *definitely* a nautical-themed pashmina Afghan? Let’s find out the truth.

Three Yacht Guys Share Their Thoughts on ‘Yacht Rock’

Are yacht guys really jamming out to Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins and Christopher Cross on the high seas?

The People Throwing Caution to the Wind and Booking Cruises for 2020

Unfazed by the potential nightmare scenario of being on a cruise ship during a deadly pandemic, they’re more than happy to take to the high seas — especially if they can get a bargain-basement price

The Guy Who Whispers to Poseidon and Saves the 1 Percent’s Yachts

Renaming your boat is the epitome of bad luck — unless you’ve got Christian Due Hammershøy on your side

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