Elvis Presley Isn’t the Subject of ‘Elvis.’ We Are

The Baz Luhrmann drama is told from the perspective of Presley’s unscrupulous manager Colonel Tom Parker, which underlines the secret theme of so many artist biopics: Our fascination with being in the proximity of greatness

The Biggest Grift Is Having (at Least) Two Movies Made About You

A slew of recent grifters and hackers are getting their stories told twice, or in the case of the GameStop saga, three times. But why is Hollywood obsessed with duelpics?

‘One Night in Miami’ Shows Us the Real Men Behind the Icons

In February 1964, Malcolm X, Sam Cooke, Cassius Clay and Jim Brown hung out together. Regina King’s terrific film imagines what that night might have been like — and how men open up to one another behind closed doors.

If You Don’t Like ‘Rocketman,’ You Don’t Like Elton John. Oh No, It Me?

Plus some other random thoughts about Reginald Dwight’s new biopic