The Troubling Rise of MRAsians

Asian Americans have been subject to oppression for generations in America, but extremely online Asian men are targeting women as the reason why they can’t get laid — and perpetuating self-hatred in the process

John Cho Is Not a ‘What If’ Story

The 'Cowboy Bebop’ star is a bona-fide pioneer for Asian Americans in modern Hollywood

‘Harold and Kumar’ Did More for Asian-American Representation Than ‘Shang-Chi’ Ever Could

Real representation doesn’t come from putting faces that look like ours into IP monopolies — it comes from telling real stories of lived experiences, like those of a couple of dirtbag stoners with a serious case of the munchies

The Lingering Wounds of Anti-Asian Violence

2020 was the culmination of decades of immigrant hatred that has caused multiple generations of Asians to grapple with trauma, self-defense and solutions in a way they never have before