‘Harold and Kumar’ Did More for Asian-American Representation Than ‘Shang-Chi’ Ever Could

Real representation doesn’t come from putting faces that look like ours into IP monopolies — it comes from telling real stories of lived experiences, like those of a couple of dirtbag stoners with a serious case of the munchies

The Lingering Wounds of Anti-Asian Violence

2020 was the culmination of decades of immigrant hatred that has caused multiple generations of Asians to grapple with trauma, self-defense and solutions in a way they never have before

Asian Women Have Always Been a Deadly Obsession of White Men

Fetishized and otherized, scapegoated for a pandemic, abused behind closed doors, even gunned down: Asian hatred is a designed piece of the American experiment

Andrew Yang Just Doesn’t Get Racism

Yang’s views on anti-Asian-American prejudice in the coronavirus outbreak aren’t just dated — they’re dangerous

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