The Blueprint for Anti-Pride Events Is Being Rolled Out Again in Oregon

After a month of anti-LGBTQ organizing across the U.S., yet another coalition of religious leaders and right-wing politicians and activists are gathering to spread threatening falsehoods about the queer community

Proud Boys Have ‘Hatejacked’ a Cartoon Beaver to Mask Themselves

The far-right extremist group has a long history of using specific, often goofy brands as markers to identify each other without the risk of public scrutiny

The Proud Boys Won Big on January 6th

Despite investigations, conspiracy charges and lots of toxic gossip, new testimony from the January 6th hearings proves how the Proud Boys became essential to the right-wing political machine — and why they’re primed to take seats in electoral races today

Far-Right Agitators Are Using Anti-Pride Violence to Strengthen Their Cause

The vast majority of Pride events went off without a hitch, but the violence and intimidation that did take place proved to others online that they can shut down progress — a blueprint the alt-right is revising for the future