Online Vigilantes Are Trying to Stop Right-Wing Extremists One Hack at a Time

Over the last couple of years, hacktivists have infiltrated the digital ranks of a stunning number of alt-right organizations — from the Oath Keepers to Parler and Epik

Extremist Sheriffs Are Taking Over the Country One County at a Time

Former sheriff Richard Mack is an icon for right-wing militias. Now, he’s recruiting cops around the country for his cause: Ultimate power for local law enforcement

Why Are the Boogaloo Bois Trying to Make Nice with the Left?

A notorious Boog is trying to foster unity with leftists. Is it an admirable goal, a bit of trickery, or both?

Alt-Right Extremists Are Using Livestreaming to Take Racist Attacks to a New Level

They’re not using platforms like Twitch as a place to organize and plot. They’re using it as a place to strike

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