How Does This Man Not Have an Oscar?

Jeff Daniels, the star of the new Showtime series ‘American Rust,’ has done terrific work for decades, and yet, the Academy has refused to recognize him with even a nomination

No One Does Sadboys Like Tony Leung

Can’t get enough of his beautiful sadness in ‘Shang-Chi?’ Then check out his work in the films of director Wong Kar-wai

Clive Owen, the Best James Bond Who Never Was

The Oscar-nominated star, now playing Bill Clinton in ‘Impeachment,’ has spent much of his career being defined by the role he didn’t get. It’s a classic example of how audiences assume they know best what actors should be doing with their talents.

Oscar Isaac’s Masterclass in Playing the Stoic Man with a Dark Past

‘The Card Counter,’ Paul Schrader’s riveting poker thriller, is spiritually similar to his earlier classics. But the acclaimed actor makes its themes of guilt and revenge feel seductively new.

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