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You’ve never seen gluttony like this before

During a holiday week dedicated to excess, we’ve been covering gluttony in all its forms — from the traditional face-stuffing variety to people who are gluttons for punishment in ways both literal and figurative. Some gluttony feels so good it hurts; some just plain hurts. So if there ever were a time to overindulge, it’s this week. A few of the indulgences we found most fascinating: A bikini model who gets paid to chow down on pizza, an athlete who ran 50 marathons in 50 days and popping tryptophan pills like Advil.

Check out the rest of our gluttons below. And most of all, happy Thanksgiving!

The Bikini Model Who Turned Her Post-Pregnancy Weight Gain Into Big Business

Men now pay $10 a minute to watch her eat a pizza

Happy Danksgiving! A Guide to Making Your Traditional Meal 420-Friendly

Grateful for pot this Thanksgiving? We asked a weed-loving chef how to artfully infuse Thanksgiving favorites with cannabis

Surviving Thanksgiving With an Eating Disorder

Holiday stress reaches new levels when you’re trying to eat normally on the most food-centric day of the year

16th-Century Italian Meat Carvers Were Way Ahead of Your Uncle Walter

A brief history of men and meat carving

The Disgusting Ways Actors Have Gained Weight for Their Roles

A tremendous amount of ice cream was harmed in the making of these performances

Carving-Knife Stab Wounds and Other Thanksgiving-Related ER Visits

None of them are a gas

I Ran 50 Marathons in 50 Days, and I Can’t Imagine Ever Slowing Down

Ultra-runner Dean Karnazes, the second of our four gluttons for punishment, explains why he’ll never hang up his running shoes

The Man Famous for Trying to Make Junk Food Sexy

A conversation with Chris Applebaum, the director of those Carl’s Jr. commercials with Paris Hilton and Kate Upton

I’ve Been Bitten by Australia’s Deadliest Snakes, but I’ll Never Quit Looking After Them

Snake wrangler John Mostyn, the first of our four gluttons for punishment, explains why even deadly venom can’t kill his love of snakes


For the first time, researchers are trying to figure out the cost of wasted buffet food

I Couldn’t Sleep, So I Tried Over-the-Counter Tryptophan

Forget turkey; the purest tryptophan comes in pill form and can be purchased at the local drugstore

Men Think Gorging Themselves in Front of Women Will Turn Them On

It won’t, but no amount of pizza will keep them from trying

Having a Dominatrix Shove a Baseball Bat Up My Ass Is How I’ve Found True Happiness

Marcelo, the third of our four gluttons for punishment, explains why he loves being completely dominated by women

I’ve Eaten More Turkey in a Sitting Than Any Other Woman on Earth

Champion competitive eater Miki Sudo, the last of our four gluttons for punishment, explains why stuffing her face is a necessity

What We Rewatch Over and Over and Over Again on Thanksgiving

Movies — something everyone can agree on