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Why Quitting Antidepressants Is So Depressing, Glenn Close and the ‘Other Woman’ Archetype and What Guys Don’t Know About Cologne

I’m a total fragrance newb. The last cologne I bought cost me probably 20 bucks at Pacific Sunwear. And when I say “me” I mean my mom, because I was 12.

Since then I’ve been lucky enough to be gifted at least a couple of bottles ranging in olfactory quality from fair to great, none of which I use(d) with any regularity, probably because cologne intimidates me, and reminds me of a kind of guy who I’m not quite sure I want to be.

You know who I’m talking about.

Which made this conversation between Zaron Burnett III and one of the fragrance industry’s leading experts so fascinating to me. Mainly because it dispelled a lot of the things that had intimidated me about cologne in the first place, and also because it makes choosing a personal scent and using it the right way kind of exciting.

I still can’t kick the feeling that it’s mostly for sweaty club bros, however.

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The Other Woman

Over her 45-year career, Glenn Close has earned three Emmys, three Tonys and been nominated for seven Oscars (including this year for her role in The Wife, and one that likely will result in her first win). But among all the remarkable characters she’s played, none is as memorable as the broken, crazy, rabbit-boiling other woman “Alex” in Fatal Attraction. So memorable, in fact, that her performance has forever changed how we view the “other woman” forever.

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There’s a growing number of young people who are turning to an unlikely refuge when struggling with their mental health: The free-to-play video game, Fortnite. In fact, Reddit is littered with stories of gamers who say Fortnite saved them when they were at their lowest. But it’s also a trend that exposes the stark reality of America’s mental health crisis.

Eau de You

Michael Edwards, the perfume expert’s expert, is a man who knows his scents. He’s the guy behind the annually updated Fragrances of the World guidebook (known around the industry as the “Fragrance Bible”), and in 2018 alone, he reviewed more than 2,700 different fragrances. In other words, he’s hot shit (he smells good, too). And if there’s one thing that sticks in his craw in the three decades he’s worked in the business, it’s how little men know about choosing (and using) their fragrances.

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