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Where Were You When Richard Hatch Won ‘Survivor’?

Episode 13 of The Rewatch, featuring Daniel D’Addario

Remember the finale of Survivor’s first season? Of course you do. Everyone does. (According to Nielsen ratings, 125 million people watched some part of the episode.) No matter who you were rooting for (Sorry about that, Kelly Wiglesworth), it was a huge deal.

But if you happened to come across a re-run, would the tension hold up? Survivor invented the now-ubiquitous reality TV backstabbing — in fact, Wiglesworth was the person who coined the now-famous phrase, “I’m not here to make friends.”

Join MEL editor Lindsey Weber and TIME magazine TV critic, Daniel D’Addario, to see if the origin of cutthroat reality TV was indeed as cutthroat as we remembered — and if Hatch was really as bad as we made him out to be.