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Weird Spotify

From marriage counseling to baby EDM, eight oddities from the depths of the stream

We mainly use Spotify to hear music — makes sense, considering the streaming service houses more than 30 million tracks. But Spotify is also home to a bunch of bizarre shit, none of which will probably make your next party playlist but will entertain you nevertheless. Below are eight tried-and-tested ways to keep it weird.

Tune Into Old Radio Dramas
Back when radio was transmitted over the air and not via the internet, people used to listen to serialized dramas. Now we depend on podcasts like Serial for similar types of storytelling, but that’s not to say what aired back in the day still isn’t compelling. Try this playlist of old-timey radio dramas or this hour-long radio version of 1984. On an even more offbeat track, Blair Underwood lends his sultry tones to a radio version of The Twilight Zone’s classic “To Serve Man,” which is still probably the longest pun in entertainment history.

To Serve Man by Various Artists

Heal Yourself with Meditation
Some British guy named Dr. Bob has recorded nearly 17 hours of meditation tracks. They’re very soothing! And just in case you’re worried about getting hypnosis from some British guy named Dr. Bob, there are a ton of other meditation albums to choose from, too, like this one.

Guided Meditation to Relaxation & Meditation, Sleep & Yoga by Guided Meditation

Be A Better Husband
The secret to fixing a broken marriage? Playing the piano. At least according to the cover art for Spotify-hosted, “A Guide For Improving Your Marriage” by the Good Marriage Society. Haven’t destroyed your marriage yet? No problem. There’s also advice for how to find your soulmate.

A Guide For Improving Your Marriage by Good Marriage Society

Avoid Identity Theft
There are at least three albums on Spotify devoted to protecting you against identity theft. They are all pretty good. Want to know which one I think is the best? Just e-mail me your Social Security number and valid credit card information, and I’ll tell you.


Put Your Dog to Sleep
In case your dog is having trouble getting to sleep, and his go-to noise machine isn’t doing the trick, why not try this playlist of soothing sleep sounds? Things that apparently put dogs to rest include “Washing Machine, Spin Cycle,” “Rumbling Fan” and “Sink Spray.” Goodnight, pup.

Top tracks for Dog Sleep Sounds by Dog Sleep Sounds

Wish Your Friend A Happy Birthday
From “Aaron” to “Zola”, a company called Bush Bash Productions has created 988 different versions of the “happy birthday” song — each with a new name. Genius, especially when you consider that the actual “Happy Birthday Song” is copyrighted and can’t be reproduced for profit. Don’t worry, this alternative version gets the point across.

Happy Birthday A-B by Happy Birthday Library

Listen to Songs About Literally Anything
Matt Farley is famous for recording songs about basically anything. (Kinda like Jimmy Buffett.) He’s written more than 14,000 songs; he’s so prolific that he can make thousands of dollars in streaming royalties simply because his catalog is so large. Here’s a playlist of his best stuff, which includes the hits “Poop into a Wormhole,” “Librarian at the Library” and “Tom Brady Is Back!”

Official Motern Media Playlist by moternmedia

Teach Your Baby to Enjoy EDM
Thanks to the “Baby Chill Music Consort,” your little one will come out of the womb anticipating for the beat drop. Thirty tracks of baby-themed electronic dance music begins with “Smile a Little” and ends with “Hands Up” — no doubt the perfect way to grow your kid into an Ibiza–ready DJ.