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Trump’s First Year in the White House, Illustrated

Last year, not long after the election, designer Pete Fallon was kind enough to share with us a bunch of his scathing (and funny) political cartoons about Candidate Trump, who had inspired him to start drawing again. Or in Fallon’s words:

The day after the first presidential debate I doodled Donald Trump (terribly) on a piece of paper, took a crappy picture of it, and put it on Instagram. It’s painful to think back to my motivation — he had just blown the debate; Hillary was going to be president; I wanted to make him look stupid.

I hadn’t drawn a cartoon since college during the Bush years, when I did a weekly editorial cartoon for the school paper. I guess I’m a fair-weather cartoonist. Or the opposite? The Obama White House hadn’t compelled me to comment, and neither, I assumed, would Clinton’s.

But what the hell. While this clown was still on the stage I was going to make him the butt of some jokes. It felt good to pile it on.

Friends encouraged me to keep it up through the campaign, so I did — taking a little more time with each one, scanning them instead of taking photos and adding some color. I was getting into it.

He figured, though, the jig would be up once all the votes had been cast, and Hillary Clinton ascended to the White House while Trump went back to reality TV.

The rest, of course, is history.

And so, Fallon has kept drawing—his work as biting as ever.

We asked him then if he could capture the essence—as he saw it at least—of Trump’s first year in office (a mess of such cosmic proportions many are convinced it must be a simulation).

As you’ll see below, it’s all very, very, very laughable.

January 20: Inauguration.
February 18: White House releases initial budget.
March 1: Trump delivers State of the Union w/out saying anything racist.
March 23: First attempt at healthcare repeal fails in the house.
April 13: Trump bombs Syria, hailed as “Presidential.”
May 16: Trump invites the Russian Ambassador and his camera crew into the Oval Office, alone.
May 31: This.
June 3: Trump announces he will pull the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement.
June 6: These.
July 14: Story breaks that Don Jr. met with Russian lawyers during the campaign.
August 13: Violence erupts at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville.
August 18: Trump can’t bring himself to blame white nationalists for the violence.
August 30: Hurricane Harvey devastates Houston.
September 5: Trump announces he is ending DACA.
September 11: Trump enters pissing match with North Korea.
September 22: Which is terrifying.
October 4: Hurricane Maria devastates Puerto Rico.
October 12: Trump terminates the cost-sharing subsidies built into Obamacare.
November 2: Trump outlines his tax plan.
November 8: Trump visits Asia.