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The Weekend Binge: Movie Titles That Sound Dirtier Than They Really Are

Back when the first Predator came out in 1987—you know, the one with Arnold and Carl Weathers—no one really batted an eye at the title. It seemed super appropriate for a movie about a terrifying alien hunting an elite military rescue team among the jungles of Central America. But in 2018? Well, let’s just say Harvey Weinstein, Louis C.K., Kevin Spacey, Bill Cosby, Charlie Rose and Leslie Moonves have made it a lot more problematic.

It’s far from the first movie, though, where the title took on a different meaning than its creators originally intended. So for this episode of The Weekend Binge, I put together a list of movies whose titles sound way dirtier than they really are. Maybe the best example: Free Willy. I mean, this is a kids movie that could also easily be about a penis on the loose. (The second best example: Blow.) For help (and an expert opinion), I called in one of our good friends and favorite porn performers, Tasha Reign.

Movie Titles That Sound Dirtier Than They Really Are

'Free Willy' is hardly the only movie whose title sounds way dirtier than it really is. We asked one of our good friends, adult actress Tasha Reign for help coming up with a list of the filthiest-titled films that actually have a heart of gold.

Posted by MEL Magazine on Saturday, September 15, 2018