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The Men of Burning Man

So many looks, so little sun protection

In case you missed it and/or you don’t happen to follow Paris Hilton on Instagram, this past weekend was Burning Man — the divisive desert utopia that attracts thousands of people, people ready and willing to pay about $500 to escape the demands (and plumbing) of society.

No surprise that along with water, food and supplies, festival attendees also pay very close attention to wardrobe; style spans from Mad Max–wannabe to straight-up nudity. So we wondered: In a place that so purposefully wants you to feel like you’re on another planet, what would the men wear? Would they ditch the oppressive trends of Earth and embrace … something else altogether? Fortunately, even in the outer reaches of the desert, they managed to connect to Wi-Fi.

Behold: The Men of Burning Man.

Many of Burning Men opted for a hat. Sure, it’s sunny, but also there are so many options in jaunty headwear. For example, this captain look adorned with flair.

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How about a top hat matched with goggles and a folksy jack?

Similar hat and goggles, but skip the jacket for a Speedo and complement that with a saxophone. If this guy hasn’t seen Mad Max, well, maybe he should.

Burning Man … or Brooklyn? A beard paired with fur.

Not feeling traditional hats? How about a unicorn horn? Sure, it’s not much for coverage, but it makes up for that in pure wonder.

Whatever you do, don’t forget your fanny pack.

…Or your body paint.

When all else fails, go for boat captain meets 6-year-old-learns-to-ride-a-bike. (Although he’s missing the streamers.)

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Or pair your cowboy hat with tiny undies and a Camelbak.

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Sacrifice a Muppet for a cute coat.

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… Or your comfort for an outfit that is bound to make hanging out in the desert really sweaty.

Matching suits make it look like you’re in a cool band.

So does a black kilt worn with platform boots, for that matter.

A nice soft peach half-sweater paired with goggles and a floppy bucket hat.

And if you want to go all-white, by all means, go all-white.

But when all else fails, stick with what you know — something straight out of a Urban Outfitters catalog.

Or just nothing at all.