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The Many Hats of Justin Bieber

There’s no type of headwear he won’t try out

After going from controversial white dreads to a basic buzz, Justin Bieber has decided the best hair move is to simply cover up. (Perhaps it’s his inner introvert shining through?) In his latest music video, Justin Bieber wears a ton of hats. Like, a ton of hats. Here are all of them.

The ‘Love You’ Trucker Hat

The Dance Break Trucker Hat

The Hanging Out With My BFF and Manager Trucker Hat

The Does This Count as a Hat (I Think It Counts) Bandana

The Does This Count as a Hat (I Think It Does) Helmet

The Neon Yellow Banded Fedora

The On Stage, Wait Is That Camo Baseball Hat

The Skateboarding Trucker Hat

The Backstage at the Purpose World Tour Hat

The Sitting Mournfully on a Swing Beanie

The Sleeping on Bus Baseball Cap

The Crying on Stage Baseball Cap

The Don’t Text Me I’m in the Studio Hat

The Time for Adventure Gray Beanie

Lindsey Weber is an editor at MEL who apparently loves to write about Justin Bieber. A lot.