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The ‘Cuckold Consultant’ Will Take Your Money and Unleash Your Wife

They call him Dr. 36, and they pay him for one thing only: convincing their wives to sleep with other men

On a muggy May night in 2019, Scott sat in his car in the parking lot of a Hilton in Austin, Texas, and tried to steady his nerves. Gripping the steering wheel with one hand while drumming loudly on the center console with the other, he shifted nervously in his seat, heart beating so loudly that he could hear it thumping.

Inside the hotel, his wife was having sex with another man. 

He couldn’t see what they were doing, but he could hear it — she’d dialed his number from the hotel room and set the phone down beside her so he could listen in. For a while, there’d been nothing but silence, but eventually, the sound of rustling bedsheets and heavy breathing began to fill his ears. 

He sat up in his seat, in awe of what he was hearing. Pressing the phone even closer, he shut his eyes to hear better as the sounds of slapping skin and muffled moaning poured through the receiver with increasing frenzy. A few months earlier, Lisa had sworn she’d never do something like this with him or anyone, but as her orgasm crescendoed into an orchestra of sounds he’d never heard her make before, he had the feeling that this time wouldn’t be the last. 

And that, he tells me, is exactly what he wanted. 

Scott, 64, is what’s known as “cuck,” a submissive man (or a man with submissive tendencies) who derives masochistic, erotic pleasure from his female partner having sex with another man. In cuckolding lingo, Lisa, his 56-year-old wife of 23 years, is a “hotwife” and the other man — who shall remain nameless — would be referred to as a “bull.” Together, the three of them complete a holy trinity of a specific sect of non-monogamy called “cuckolding,” a seductive but taboo arrangement where emasculation is pleasure, women hold the reins and the whole thing is dictated by the force and whims of female desire. 

Cuckolding falls within the general ballpark of polyamory in that everyone in the relationship consents to sex outside of it, but it’s truly a different animal. In most cases, it’s only the woman who sleeps and dates around (in heterosexual relationships, that is). Her male partner neither gets nor wants the same privileges, and while there’s a great deal of variation in what he can or cannot do in the relationship, it’s common for him to love the imbalance of power between them and every excruciating restriction he has. “It’s a very strange, exciting kind of sexiness to see your wife give herself to another man and do things with him that she wouldn’t even do with you,” Scott explains over the phone from his home in Austin. “The idea of her becoming this sort of emancipated slut on the hunt for sex is emasculating, liberating, and I don’t know, just extremely hot.” (In cuckolding, the word “slut” is praise, not poison.)

But while the terms “cuck” and “cuckolding” still mean something “extremely hot” to people like Scott, that’s the opposite of what they’ve come to mean in pop culture and politics. Basically, “cuck” has been through the ringer lately. Over the past few years, it’s gone from describing a relatively popular sex act to an insult that gets tossed around by conservatives and manosphere roaches as a kind of satisfyingly brisk stand-in for “spineless loser.” 

According to The New Statesman’s Tim Squirrell, this transition happened around 2014 when it emerged from some gurgling 4chan/Reddit bog before mutating into a bizarre, often racist Red Pill dig used to trash-talk men who were “foolish” enough to trust women (who will inevitably cheat on them with some slick alpha male and then force them to raise their non-biological children). Shortly after, it was co-opted by Gamergaters who used it to refer to the ex-boyfriend of Zoë Quinn, and then by the Trump-supporting alt-right who used it as what Squirrell describes as “a racially-tinged term of abuse, a slur against men who trust women, a label for conservatives who aren’t conservative in the right ways and an Islamophobic dog-whistle that propagates the narrative that Europe and America as a whole are being screwed by Muslims.” It is, as he notes, “all things to all bigots.”

That’s not how cucks and hotwives see it, though. “When I think about what this does to my libido, it’s not a surprise that my husband and I have sex every day,” says one hotwife on the cuckolding forum “If I have sex with a hot guy with abs, I’m turned on for the next month. I think it’s bizarre that some guy who hasn’t had sex in months calls my husband weak when he’s getting laid every day. I don’t see my man as weak, I see him as an alpha male who doesn’t get ruined by jealousy.”

Though Lisa’s so-called emancipation in the hotel that night represented the culmination of a lifetime of fantasy for Scott — not to mention the merciful end to a decade’s worth of mind-numbing marital monotony – he knew they’d never have reached such an erotic apex on their own. As he hung up the phone and waited for Lisa to descend from the room, glowing and satiated for the first time in years, he said a silent “thank you” to the man who’d gotten him there: a mysterious, controversial and intensely private consultant named Dr. 36

Eight months earlier, Scott had discovered Dr. 36 while researching alternative relationships online. His and Lisa’s daughter had just come out as trans, and while they fully supported her decision, the experience reawakened the interest in non-normative lifestyles Scott had kept buried for decades ever since he and his previous wife had split (much to his enjoyment, Wife #1 openly had lovers and boyfriends during their marriage). 

But while he always knew he could handle such an arrangement — he wasn’t exactly the jealous type and was far more interested in his partner’s pleasure than his own — he knew that getting Lisa to even consider it would be a challenge. A deeply traditional woman, she’d already rejected his offers of swinging and open relationships. Nor did she seem at all interested when he told her she could have all the fun — he’d just sit back and watch. 

Like many people confronted with this type of proposal, it made her anxious. Did he really mean that, or was that just an excuse to get her to let him fuck other women? Was this just another way of saying he was bored with her and that she could no longer satisfy him on her own? She’d signed up for marriage with monogamy in mind — why was he going back on their vows? The fact that she’d been out of the dating pool for a quarter century didn’t thrill her, either. She was content with herself, but after decades of marriage and motherhood, she didn’t exactly feel like a hot ticket. 

Lisa’s hesitance was both a common and understandable reaction in a culture where monogamy is the de-facto relationship mode and puritanical gender constructs of female purity and male dominance make tired cameos everywhere from media to marital traditions. At least then, the concept of cuckolding — or anything non-monogamous — ran counter to what she and so many others have been taught is true: that to love someone is to possess them, and to commit is to commit to only them. If you want to share — or be with other people yourself — it must not really be love (or so the logic goes). 

That line of thinking works like a charm when both people in a relationship agree to uphold it, but when one of them questions that norm and asks their partner to forgo a lifetime of social programming in favor of something new, things don’t always go so well. Sometimes, they need a professional. That’s how Scott found himself on Google, poring over its multiverse of cuckolding chat rooms and forums in search of something, or someone, who could help. Dr. 36’s name came up right away. 

On his website, he called himself “The Cuckold Consultant” and explained that any woman could be transformed into a hotwife if you knew how to sell it to her. It was full of glowing testimonials from men who called him the “wife whisperer” and said he “helped take [their] love and marriage to an unbelievable level.” On nearly every page, he invited all who entered to envision — in explicit detail — the kind of life his services could help them lead: “Just imagine,” he wrote in a description for a downloadable instructional manual of his called “The Inception Method,” “the look on your wife’s face that says both, ‘Look how much fun I’m having!’ and ‘Everything is OK’ as she’s riding another man cowgirl style… Maybe you’d enjoy listening from another room as you hear the sounds of her screaming, crying, begging, slurping, all floating through the closed door behind which she’s letting her true inner slut out. Imagine her walking out of the room for a quick break, hair a mess, makeup smeared, as she goes to get a glass of water, walks past you and says ‘Hi’ and then goes back into the bedroom, closing the door and locking it.” 

All this could be yours, he promised with infomercialistic certainty. You’d just have to purchase one of his Personalized Cuckold/Hotwife Plans™ to find out how. (Plans start at the low, low price of $179.)

Scott forked over the cash for a basic package, filled out a detailed assessment about his relationship and goals and waited for Dr. 36 to reply. 

Another satisfied customer.

By the time Scott’s assessment hit his inbox last year, Dr. 36 was a busy man — his client list was pushing five digits, his website was averaging half a million hits per month, his Twitter page was blowing up and he’d already left his private marriage and family therapy practice to make cuckold consulting his full-time job, an undertaking that had him working 14-hour days with anywhere from 3 to 20 clients at a time. 

In short, business was booming, and for good reason — according to Justin Lehmiller, a research fellow at the Kinsey Institute and author of the sexual fantasy compendium Tell Me What You Want, interest in cuckolding has been steadily growing over the past few years, with 52 percent of heterosexual men and 26 percent of heterosexual women admitting they’ve fantasized about cuckolding at least once (female cucks are called “cuckqueans”). Typically, it’s billed as a straight guy thing, but that’s far from the case: Lehmiller found that 66 percent of gay and bisexual men and 42 percent of lesbian and bisexual women have cuckolding desires, too. 

But while there’s plenty of interest in cuckolding in the queer community and women aren’t exactly underrepresented in their interest here, it’s mostly straight, married, middle-aged cucks of the Scott varietal that come to Dr. 36 looking for help. 

Over the last seven years, Dr. 36 has helped thousands of these men convince their partners to enter cuckolding arrangements and fuck other people. To do this, he’s created what he calls a “global wifesharing community” on his website where he posts articles, interviews cucks and hotwives about their experiences, curates user-generated cuckold erotica, offers access to free e-books and runs a cuckold chat room where tens of thousands of new and experienced cucks, bulls and hotwives swap photos, arrange meet-ups and discuss everything from broaching the topic with their partner to the ecstasy of knowing she’s out with someone else while they’re stuck at home with their hand in their pants. 

The chat room has become quite the cuckolding epicenter. Currently, it’s moderated by over 75 people who police it for signs of hate speech or maleficent creeps, but for the most part, it’s a uniquely accepting space. One moderator, a 44-year-old New Jersey man known only as “The Liaison” — cucks love pseudonyms — says that while he scans the channels almost every day, he’s constantly surprised by not only how many people have these desires, but how hard it is to get it off their minds. “Even if their wives aren’t on board, they have a hard time letting it go,” he says. 

For those who need a little guidance on how to handle that, Dr. 36 sells DIY manuals that impart valuable cuck skills like how to introduce the fantasy, dealing with her objections to it and the aforementioned “Inception Method,” a proprietary strategy intended to “remove any barriers your woman has that prevent her from being open to your fantasy” and “unleash levels of slutiness in your wife you never thought possible.” 

It’s his personalized, hands-on consulting that yields the strongest results, though. For every client who purchases one of his packages, he creates a hulking 40- to 60-page action plan based on a cocktail of psychological principles and the persuasive tactics of hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming and even pick-up artistry (he’s adamant that the latter can be mined for all kinds of useful psychological maneuvers if you have time to sort through its douchier leanings). Throughout the whole process — which can last anywhere from a few months to a few years — he peppers in advice about how cucks-to-be can handle any objections or resistance they might encounter, all of which are influenced by subtle communication techniques designed to put her at ease. 

If she says she doesn’t want to sleep with anyone else, he tells his clients to agree with her. “You shouldn’t argue,” he says. “Instead, you should tell her that’s good, because that’s a huge step anyway and you’re not even sure you’d want her to do it in reality, even though you think it’s hot.” The point of this, he says, is to reframe and restructure what’s being asked of her so that she can get on board with smaller steps related to the fantasy. “Her initial resistance has nothing to do with whether or not she’ll come around,” he continues. “If anything, it means she’ll be even more likely to enjoy it if you succeed in hanging in there throughout that process.” 

Coupled with his repeated insistence that any woman can be groomed into hotwifing no matter how resistant she is, tactics like that could easily — and dangerously — be read as “no means yes.” Any casual observer would be forgiven for thinking his promotion of psychological subterfuge was a glaring endorsement of non-consent, but he maintains that in this particular situation, it’s okay to question a woman’s “no.”

Many women actually want to try cuckolding, he explains, but for whatever reason, they’re afraid, aren’t ready or are simply ill-informed about what it is and what it can mean. If that’s the case, he says, it doesn’t help anyone to throw up their hands and assume the case is closed. What does help, he believes, is cucks exploring what that “no” means and using what they learn to recontextualize their fantasy in a way that feels more approachable to everyone involved. Anyone who goes overboard with that sentiment or interprets it as carte blanche for coercion is a “degenerate,” he says. “I don’t think it’s possible to convince someone to try something they don’t actually want to try, unless we’re talking about situations where you’re actively or passively coercing someone or forcing them to do something. I have never, nor will I ever, condone that type of behavior.”

Still, he says, some people do find what he does to be threatening not only to women, but to men and masculinity as a whole. In the past, people who are “vehemently opposed to wifesharing” or who have been kicked off his cuckold chat for calling their wives slurs like “pigs” have called for his “head on a pike” and threatened to “beat him to a pulp” like the “beta f*ggot that he is.” So, rather than place himself or his clients in any danger, he insists on complete anonymity, sharing only two features about himself for those to care to ask: that he’s between the ages of 30 and 80 an “occasionally sports a beard.” 

Thus, “Dr. 36” it is. He chose the moniker for its numerological significance — according to Affinity Numerology, the number 36 “represents energies that accomplish creative goals for helping humankind.” As a therapist and a personal coach, “helping humankind” has always been his purpose — it’s just that his version of that isn’t curing cancer or ending world hunger; it’s a husband hunched over his erect penis, beating it furiously as his wife sucks off another man in the foyer. 

He’ll be the first to admit that it’s not exactly “world peace” material, but in his experience, the spiritual communion cucks and their hotwives can attain when they venture into the uncharted waters of cuckolding can be transformative. “It’s not my intention to imply that cuckolding/hotwifing is the answer to anyone’s problems,” he says. “But I will say this: restructuring the way we think about relationships and becoming more open-minded toward non-monogamy can indeed be extremely beneficial when it comes to people having more fulfilling relationships and lives.” 

Scott sums up why: “It’s hard not to be honest when you’re this honest,” he says. “What’s left? There’s no room for secrets when you put your biggest one on the table. It lays everybody’s soul so bare that you can’t help but have a more open and authentic life all around.” 

Dr. 36 first discovered this himself years ago when his fetish for candaulism (sharing photos of his partner with other people) blossomed into a desire to see her with other men. But, being a “possessive and jealous alpha-male type,” he had a hard time reconciling his fantasies with the realities that enacting them would bring. That irritated him. “I saw a lot of relationships imploding because of the fear and insecurity I had around my partners being with other people,” he says. “I thought that was silly, unnecessary and tragic.” So instead of being controlled by his negative emotions, he wondered, wouldn’t it be better to sublimate them into something useful? What if he funnelled his fear into something he could actually enjoy? Cuckolding with his partner felt like an appropriate training ground to try, and he became “addicted” to the fantasy of her taking pleasure in other men. 

Many cucks feel the same, it seems. As Sean, a 51-year-old cuck in Hawaii who “just got done watching [his] wife take a load” explains on a recent phone call, a burning desire to have the woman you love “properly fucked by a stud far more alpha than you” isn’t a craving that can be easily placated with porn or that conveniently disappears when ignored. For him and cucks at large, the desire is so much more than that — it’s something that feels like it’s embedded in their psyches, mandated by millennia of ancestral tradition that’s snuck its way into their very DNA. “It’s just human nature to want to do these things,” he says. “That animalistic part of it is what makes it exciting.” 

Sean is on to something with that, actually. As many evolutionary biologists, anthropologists and sex reserachers have pointed out, the unique form and function of human genitalia, our round-the-clock fertility cycles and our social tendencies around sex are clues that our species likely evolved to fuck like bonobos do now — promiscuously, non-monogamously, and in order to bond, not just procreate. 

“There’s a real primal, ‘biological’ attraction to this which has its roots in theories of sperm competition,” says Dr. 36, explaining that researchers have also hypothesized that men’s frequent arousal at female promiscuity is evolution’s way of encouraging them to spread their own genetic material (the same explanation is often used to rationalize men’s love of gangbang porn). The more aroused a guy gets by watching a woman have sex with other people, the theory goes, the more they’ll want to get in on the action and the greater shot they have at fathering a squirming baby with half their DNA. In other words, wife-swapping has always been in. 

Then there are the psychological pulls. Some cucks like Dr. 36 get a thrill from watching their wives and girlfriends embrace their “slutty” side with another man, a feeling that’s often intensified by the reciprocal satisfaction hotwives get from rejecting their pure, homely reputation in favor of a good fuck. For others, there’s the intoxicating rush of trying something new and risky, followed by the profound closeness and intimacy doing so can bring. Certain cucks relish the background dominance of puppet-mastering their wives’ sexual trysts (they’re often called “stags” and are more into the woman’s pleasure than their own humiliation), while many others crave the feeling of having their control ripped from them, crushed under the figurative stiletto of their hotwives’ dominant demands. 

In most cuckolding relationships, the cuck relinquishes control, and the hotwife takes it from him. She calls the shots and runs the show, subjecting him to wherever her sexual desires or whims may lead. As Dr. 36 explains, a cuck’s job isn’t to stabilize the balance of power or go out in search of his own affair; it’s to take what she gives him and support her in whatever (or whoever) she does. Fucking another man isn’t only something she does “for” or “to” him, he continues, it’s something she does for herself, against the expectations of polite society and in the explicit interest of his own satisfaction.

If it’s emasculating, humiliating or shameful for the cuck, so be it. Dr. 36 says men like he and Scott tend to feed off the anxiety and degradation the force of their partner’s desire can bring. All the better if her bull du jour is better-looking, virile and dominant with a well-hung cock — more often than not, the thought of their wives and girlfriends having far better sex with someone else fills them not with jealousy, but with joy. Alex, a 40-year-old cuck and past client of Dr. 36’s says he was so “over the moon” that his wife, 46, spent an entire night of their vacation in Ibiza getting ravaged by a “really LARGE” guy she met at a club that he booked a hotel room for the two of them in Paris the next month so they could go at it again. 

The emotional landscape of cuckolding also makes a fascinating study. For Dr. 36, cuckolding offered a departure from the monotony of daily life and the gendered mandate that he contain his emotions, flatten his affect and prevent himself from riding the highs and lows of his feelings. “This kind of taboo, sexually charged, risky practice has the power to grab a man right by his throat, turn his stomach in knots and make him feel an almost intoxicatingly panicked-mania,” he says, explaining that cucks often feel a cocktail of anguish, ecstasy, shame, jealousy, competitiveness and arousal all at once. “For a moment, or a minute, or an hour, as long as he’s exploring this desire, be it in his head or in real life, he really truly feels.” But though the highs might be stratospheric and the lows might be crushing, the rollercoaster is worth the ride — taking that journey with someone and getting through to the other side is, to him, at least, “the most powerful bond you can ever share with another human.”

Not that he presented it that way to his partner at the time. Instead, he mumbled something out-of-context like “I want you to fuck other men,” then watched in dismay as she began to cry. “She was devastated,” he says. She told him she “wasn’t interested in that kind of stuff” and wanted no one else but him. At the time, it felt like a rejection, but looking back on how he handled it, it became overwhelmingly clear that he’d severely botched the delivery. Instead of thinking about her needs, how it would make her feel and how he could pitch it in a way that made her feel appreciated, not alienated, he’d just blurted out a desire — one that directly contradicted her idea of what love was “supposed” to mean — and expected her to run with it. 

“That really didn’t work,” he says. Neither do many of the other methods some cucks use to warm up their partners to the idea — e.g., trying to convince them why they’d like it, sending them articles on the benefits of non-monogamy, getting them a dildo and telling them to imagine it’s someone else, giving them hall passes to go wild for the weekend or putting them in situations with a new person without their knowledge or consent. To anyone to whom these fantasies aren’t innate, blunt, pushy tactics like these are bound to feel more forceful than seductive. 

Instead, what does work, Dr. 36 learned after many months of trial and error and a subsequent deep dive into relationship and influence psychology, is a much slower, more gentle approach; one that’s geared not toward “all women,” but to her. Once he cracked the code for himself, he felt compelled to help others crack it, too — as a one-time therapist (he’s no longer practicing) he felt it was his duty to help others with what he knew. The specifics of his approach vary wildly according to a couple’s background — namely, whether or not she already knows about the fantasy and how she feels about it — but all of his clients are schooled in a few general strategies that can help make cuckolding an easier pill to swallow. 

Rule number one? Lay some groundwork and make sure your foundation is solid before you disclose your fantasy. Part of that is self-reflection — wannabe cucks should go into it with a full understanding of why it turns them on and why their relationship might need it so they can articulate it correctly when Dr. 36 teaches how to communicate what they’re feeling in a way that their partner will respond to (by being raw, vulnerable and empathetic). Framing the fantasy as a process rather than an event that has to happen tomorrow is also apparently key for women, who he says — in a somewhat stereotyping manner — “enjoy and are much more open to things when they’re seduced by them over time.” 

Likewise, communicating indirectly — through things like mirroring empathy — can lead to more productive conversations. If someone’s response to cuckolding is, “That’s so wrong and I’d never do that,” but they don’t give a reason why, the mirroring response would be, “It’s wrong, and you’d never do it?” 

“You’d be surprised at how effective this tactic/technique is when it comes to getting someone to elaborate on what they mean,” Dr. 36 says.

Most importantly, Dr. 36 says it’s crucial that cucks realize that working with him isn’t about learning to “convince” anyone to do anything at all. The main goal here, he says, is to “seduce [wives] to come with you as you venture down a new, exciting and potentially fulfilling path with each other, exploring taboo, taking risks, going deeper and pushing boundaries — all in ways that a couple can enjoy while growing more connected with each other over time.” 

But while that sentiment feels remarkably kumbaya for the sex act it’s applied to, Dr. 36 says most of his clients almost never tell their partners they’re working with him. Often, they’re worried their partners will get angry or ridicule them for seeking outside help, and in some cases, they’re right. When Alex first told his wife he was seeing a “cuckold consultant,” she laughed and told him not to waste his time — she was definitely, certainly, absolutely not going to hotwife for him (this was pre-Ibiza, obviously). And when Scott had the opportunity to tell Lisa what he was up to, he decided against it, reasoning that telling her would complicate the way she saw the ideas he was presenting. 

Some men feel their wives might not respond well to the fact that they’re getting outside assistance in helping them get her on board with something she’s currently not open to,” Dr. 36 explains. “And if you think about that, they’d probably be right. It’s not exactly standard practice to tell someone, ‘Hey, I want to try X with you, and I know you’re not really keen on X. So instead of just giving up, I hired someone to help me learn how I might be able to get you to change your mind or reconsider.’ Go ahead and replace X with whatever you’d like — more often than not, it’s still weird.”

As such, Scott made sure to keep his work with Dr. 36 on the down-low when he and Lisa took a trip to Portland to visit their daughter. Figuring a vacation was the best time to take the plunge and make his cuckolding request official, he romanced her by taking her to “get her eyebrows done,” and then out for a night on the town. At around their third or fourth venue (moving from place to place over the course of an evening is one way Dr. 36 taught him to create a sense of adventure), he put it to her straight: “I want you to fuck other men.”

Much to his surprise, she didn’t bat an eyelash. She wasn’t opposed, she said, but she wasn’t exactly thrilled, either. The personalized cuck plan Dr. 36 made for Scott stressed how important it was not to push her, so he smiled, nodded and set to work putting the things he was learning in his secret cuckolding bootcamp into practice. 

Lisa, meanwhile, began to notice what appeared to be an upswing in her marriage. None the wiser to Scott’s activities, it seemed that, from where she was standing, Scott had developed a newfound curiosity with her — he’d become increasingly interested in spending time together and striking up intimate conversations, sharing his feelings with her and listening intently to what she had to say (Dr. 36 calls this “intimacy bond strengthening”). There were little romantic gestures, too. He started leaving love notes for her to find around the house and laughing with her about old times in a way they hadn’t done in years (Scott would like to thank a sheet from his action plan with 80 conversation starters designed to make a couple reconnect for that one). 

Their sex life had even become more interesting. One night, Scott, who had been secretly learning about how repeated fantasy roleplay can make an impossible-sounding desire seem actionable, masturbated her while he talked dirty to her about a hypothetical “other man.” The way he talked about it made it seem like it was for her — not something he was saying to get himself off (though, duh, it was), and it turned her on so much that later that night, she woke him up for another round. 

The next day, he acknowledged how much she’d enjoyed it in an, er, interesting way. “I feel like you really got into that last night,” he told her. “Some naughty part of you seemed to be turned on.” Little did she know, but the phrasing was no accident; it was straight from the Dr. 36 textbook as well. Scott had crafted his sentence with thoughtfully placed “qualifiers” — words that either enhance or limit another word’s meaning. In the practice of covertly turning your partner into a hotwife, they’re intended to make it easier for someone to agree with what you’re saying. 

Scott didn’t bring up cuckolding every day, but when he did, he appeared to be more interested in hearing her take on it than trying to convince her why she’d like it. It felt good to have him be so curious about her, and if she was being honest, she liked to fantasize with him about it. He wasn’t pressuring her into doing anything; he just thought it was hot. At a certain point, she says, the whole cuckolding thing started to feel, well, normal. 

Picking up on her growing interest, Scott decided he’d attempt a more formal request. One night, as they were laying in bed together, he told her he wanted her to take another lover. And when he disclosed that he’d been training for this moment with an elaborate program and an eccentric cuckold consultant, she didn’t mind — she found his dedication “resourceful.” 

A few weeks later, she told him to set it up. He got on a KIK chatroom for cucks seeking bulls, and after sorting through the deluge of unwarranted dick pics that filled his inbox the moment he put out the call, he started chatting with a bull he liked right off the bat. He was experienced and respectful, and he seemed to understand everyone’s roles and boundaries. A week later, the three of them had dinner together at Applebee’s, where it was decided that he and Lisa would meet in a hotel room the next day, and he’d give her a massage. If she wanted more, she’d let him know. 

That’s how Scott ended up at the Hilton, gleefully listening to his wife have sex with another man for the first time in 23 years. Most men in his shoes might have masturbated at such a time, but he was too overcome with tenderness for her — and the whole situation, really — to do anything other than grin and listen. “It felt like we were renewing our vows that night,” he says. “It’s a hard thing to square sometimes, but in the end, when you see how things turn out and you’re far closer to your spouse than you ever were before — even though she goes out and has sex with whoever she wants — well, what’s not to like?”

Almost a year later, it appears they’re still at it. About a week after our call, Scott sends me a folder of audio files containing the original recording Lisa made for him and a notification that he’s on his way to pick her up from another man’s house right now. She’s just been having sex; he’s looking forward to eating her out. “A little treat,” he calls it. 

In his time working with cucks, Dr. 36 has seen many couples like Scott and Lisa who go down the cuckolding path and wind up thinking it was the best thing they ever did. Some do it once or twice a year as a special occasion; others live it as a 24/7 lifestyle, blurring the lines between cuckolding and polyamory with hotwives spending more time with their lovers than their husbands. Other couples wind up breaking up because of it, but then again, so do those who never try it at all. 

“Asking what happens to a couple after they try cuckolding is the same thing as asking what happens to them after they get married,” he says. “The answer for both is the same: They either stay together, happily or unhappily, or they split, happily or unhappily. So it goes.”