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The Craziest Moments in NFL Game-Day Reporting

Some Friday bullshit to kick off your weekend

By now, you’ve no doubt seen Sergio Dipp’s infamous Monday Night Football sideline report and his even more unfortunate mea culpa hours later.

We, however, aren’t here to pile on. We more than get it. For starters, it ain’t easy to do live television in one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL (Denver’s Sports Authority Field); it’s even harder when English is your second language. Not to mention, Dipp should feel far from alone in his misery. His is hardly the first time things have gone wrong—and, like, really wrong—during an NFL broadcast. As it turns out, NFL broadcasts can go south faster than the Cleveland Browns.

And since it’s Friday, and we’re sick of typing words and using our brains, we’ve collected some of our favorite in-game fuck-ups for your viewing pleasure:

Broadway Joe

‘That’s Kinda Gay’

Pam Oliver Marching Band

Dan Marino Freakout

Brian Bailey Cannon Blooper

‘The guy is drunk but there he goes!’