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Reddit’s Advice for How Men Can Dress Better Is… Surprisingly Un-Terrible

Roll your sleeves up, fiddle with your belt and stop freaking slouching!

Last year, we discovered that women fucking love muscular forearms — a preference that might help explain why reddit user FrogSnob created this thread stating that men become infinitely more attractive when they roll up their sleeves. FrogSnob also asks about other similar tweaks that men can make to their outfits to look more attractive. Here are some of the most useful responses (sic, obviously, throughout)…

Show Off Your Belt

“For some reason, I find it incredibly attractive when men play with their belts, like when they pull on them or fiddle with the sides,” commenter ZizzerZazzer writes. “I find my husband taking it off to be incredibly attractive, but um, this might just be me, and you should leave your clothes on in public as a general rule.”

This isn’t just ZizzerZazzer, though. “Yes to the belt thing,” commenter cbratty writes. “Just hearing my boyfriend redo his belt when he’s coming back from the bathroom gets me going sometimes.”

Iron Your Shirts

“I love watching him iron the shirt like a goddamn proin his trunksbefore he puts it on and rolls up the sleeves,” commenter b0risella writes. “There’s something to be said about a capable man.”

Walk the Walk

“I think guys that are confident in what they wear look better,” commenter littlestoner420 writes. “My boyfriend wears the weirdest shirts with different patterns and colors. At first, I didn’t like it too much, but after seeing that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks because he likes the shirts, I love them. It makes shopping for him so easy!”

Wear the Right Shoes

“Wear proper shoes, please,” commenter thelastsurvivor28 writes. “Don’t wear ridiculous slippers to someplace nice.” Commenter brijjen follows this suggestion up by writing, “There are so many kinds of shoes, even ‘social tennis shoes,’ which are more relaxed than dress shoes and nicer than running shoes. A pair of shoes that suits the rest of the outfit really takes it up a notch in my book.”

Flaunt That Ass

“I’m a sucker for suspenders,” commenter Hazafraz writes. “Also, pants that show off dat booty.”

Make Sure Everything Fits Well

“The way it fits — not too loose and not too tight,” commenter 310throwaway310 writes. “This mostly applies to shirts, specifically when they form around his muscular biceps. That’s attractive AF.”

Wear Layers

“I also like layers, not T-shirt layers, but cardigans and such,” commenter lhunis writes. “They make it look like they took some time to pick the outfit and didn’t just throw together the first items of clothing they found.”

Stick to Basic Colors

“Don’t go too outlandish with patterns,” commenter QuinnReed writes. “Try to stick to jewel tones or neutral, classic colors. They’re always safe, and if paired right, can look very nice. When in doubt, go classic. It never fails.”

Wear Crazy Socks

“Cute socks with designs, animals and what not on them,” commenter SerenaMSch writes. “I’m a sucker for a well-dressed guy who has cute socks that are visible. It just gives so much personality and humor to his outfit. I had a college boyfriend who used to wear nice leather shoes and visible socks with puppies on them, and I swear it was the most attractive thing I’ve ever personally seen on a man.”

Stop Slouching

“Good posture,” commenter Sedixodap writes. “Clothes are designed for you to be upright, so when you start slouching, suddenly the drape is going to be off and the wrong parts emphasized.”