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Our leftovers are better than yours

In celebration of the delicious half-life of turkey leftovers, we bring you the story of Aunt Barbara, the Long Island drag queen who was North America’s top Tupperware-seller — until she came out as trans.

As MEL contributor Angelina Chapin writes, “Women, no matter who they are, seem to love Aunt Barbara — even the more conservative Trump-supporting women among the crowd tonight. But since Aunt Barbara came out as a trans woman in a Facebook post last April, changing her name from Robert to Jennifer Bobbi, many clients feel disappointed by the fact that she shows up and leaves as a woman, not a man. Drag queens are hilarious. But a trans woman in drag? ‘Too real,’” summarizes Aunt Barbara.

For our profile of Aunt Barbara, click here. And for the rest of our celebration of Thanksgiving leftovers, see below.

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