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Our Favorite MEL Art from 2017

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and in our case, at least 200 of those words are ‘dick’

As every reader knows, we humans are quickly overwhelmed with large amounts of text, especially when scrolling through endless articles on our phones at 2 a.m. That’s why we always accompany our stories with art (ALWAYS, THANK YOU). Below, you’ll find our favorite MEL art from this past year, curated by our art staff for your viewing pleasure.

So much dick content—from (clockwise from top) dick cheese to the coconuts men are sticking their dicks in to dudes who suck their own dick.
Trump the Gambler, Sessions the Patsy and Tillerson the Flabbergasted.
Moving recipes for the brokenhearted.
This fucking guy.
The men of HomeDadCon.
Fucking Scrabble—and fucking during the eclipse.
Countdown to Groomsday.
The only thing we like talking about more than our dicks? Porn—and Weather Truthers (bottom right).
Fingering, Boning and Pooping.
A Sugar Baby Goes to the Farmers’ Market.
Men in space.
Grindr dicks, mounted dicks and famous dicks.
Last Supper(s) with the dude’s of Facebook and all the signs of the zodiac.
Did we mention that we like us some dick?
Head hunting in Mozambique.
Mario loses his job. The kid, however, is crying about something completely different.
Clockwise from top: Robot priests, the always-visible asshole and snorting your BFF.
Did we mention we like us some porn?
Clockwise from top: Felonious fashion, the Purple One, the death of the mustache and the Greeks.
This is what a man used to look like.
Polos on polos on polos and Ted Cruz on porn.
The cult of hand sanitizer and inside the head of a boobman, buttman and legman.