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Monster Sex, a Love Story: When Your Girlfriend’s Kink Is to Imagine Herself as a 50-Foot Woman

Alex shares the full story of how he learned to love a woman whose fantasy is to sexually destroy the world

A few weeks back, Republican Denver Riggleman was publicly kinkshamed for his love of Bigfoot erotica by his Democratic opponent, Leslie Cockburn (a former Frontline correspondent and mother of Olivia Wilde), in the race for Virginia’s 5th congressional district. Cockburn decided Bigfoot erotica was the best example of why Riggleman was unfit for office, as opposed to, say, Riggleman’s tendency to be photographed hanging out with white supremacists. That’s a Southern politician, for you — Democrat or Republican, they’re still more focused on what someone does in their bedroom than the bigots that person associates with.

Anyway, while everyone else online spent the next few days discovering (or being reminded) that Bigfoot erotica is indeed a thing, I became fascinated with a similar, but much less well-known story — the relationship foibles of a guy and his girlfriend with a Godzilla kink. What originally caught my attention: The boyfriend posted in a subreddit thread that his girlfriend asked him to “fuck her through a gingerbread house.”

How the fuck does that work? I wondered. Did he mean his dick went through a house and then into his girlfriend? What about fucking through a gingerbread house is a turn-on? And why gingerbread? I had so many questions about this woman who needs that Godzilla monster sex. Luckily so did others. They asked this guy questions — many of which he answered very matter-of-factly. (Never once, in fact, did he seem like a bored troll spinning fictions.) The best part, though, was the earnestness. For example, how this young German man confessed that, at first, he was confused by his British girlfriend’s “monster ravaging the world” kink.

He admitted that her kink was weird to him. But he loves her. He wants her to be happy — to feel secure in their relationship — so he played along. It was rather beautiful to read. Compelling, really. Here were lessons for all men. All partners. This guy figured out how to support and care for a woman and her erotic imagination. We should all strive to be so open-minded.

And so, I sent him a message on Reddit. Would he grant me an interview?

A week later, Alex wrote back. He said he’d be glad to do it. In a series of emails, he shared the full story of how he learned to love a woman whose fantasy is to sexually destroy the world. A quick word of warning to start, though: His answers share intimate details of his girlfriend’s sexuality and psychology. He compiled them, however, with her full awareness and participation. She would have written them herself, but she chooses not to be publicly identified. For the purposes of the interview, he calls her Vix. Last thing, keep in mind that English isn’t his first language.

In your initial post, you wrote, “My GF has a macrophilia fetish … she likes to imagine herself as a 50ft+ woman wrecking shit Godzilla style.” How exactly does Vix do that?
Having a macrophilia fetish isn’t something that’s easily realized. While it’s possible to involve model sets, they’re usually not built to be easily crushed. A big part of imagining oneself as a powerful giant is being able to destroy things “Godzilla style.” But if your toy model doesn’t give in to your weight — or even worse, hurts you — that ruins the mood. So instead, she mainly focuses on playing out fictional scenarios in her head — that comes at the aid of image collages, erotic stories and animations made by other people on the internet.

A central part of her fantasies involves stepping on people. However when we tried that in real life, she found it quite de-motivating right off the bat. Stepping on a normal-sized person (i.e., me) didn’t do anything for her. In fact, it seemed counterproductive, since seeing her small feet on top of me just made her feel smaller instead.

Does Vix know what about being a giant woman turns her on?
She can’t quite explain it herself, but it has something to do with an instinctive desire to be a strong, powerful predator. What predator is more powerful than the one who has ant-sized opponents as their prey? She experiences a visceral adrenaline rush when imagining how it’d feel to hold hundreds of intelligent beings in her hand. The thought of them being entirely at her mercy, unable to stop her from doing whatever she wants is what fascinates her the most. However, hearing about someone who wants to treat humans like this probably throws up (justified) worries about them being sadistic, maybe even psychotic. But she’s been adamant about this being purely a fantasy. She never actually wants to hurt anyone in real life. Like I said, she just enjoys the feeling of power — as opposed to the gore she imagines inflicting on people.

Has Vix ever examined her childhood memories to identify where this kink may have started?
She isn’t sure when this began, or where it came from. She definitely remembers enjoying building miniature cities out of sand or building blocks and then destroying them. But that’s a fairly common thing to do as a child. It was a general fascination for her, but you couldn’t call it a fetish — not yet. She, however, vividly remembers watching a rerun of Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman on TV (the 1993 version) as a teenager for the first time. Apparently, seeing how Nancy’s increased size made her seem more confident and able to exert her will onto others is what made my girlfriend click inside.

Vix realized that this confident feeling — this power — is something that renders most things that would usually be able to harm her futile and ineffectual. Bullies making fun of you? At this size, they’re one step away from no longer being a problem. She wanted to experience that for herself.

When Vix first told you about her macrophilia kink, how did that conversation go?
She was going through a dark time when she revealed her fetish to me. It happened while I was preparing to move to Britain — she was worried about me suddenly ditching her, or deciding that moving to another country was too difficult. I kept trying to reassure her that I love her, and that I’m not going to change my mind.

But she kept doubting herself, and in that vein, she tried to find reasons why I wouldn’t want to move in with her. It started “simple,” with her criticizing her appearance and pointing at our differences, like how she’d already finished studying, while I’d just started. She tried to escalate her flaws, and eventually admitted to not being able to have children. (I still remember her sobbing when she said, “You’ll find a younger girl who will start a family with you.”) After reassuring her that even that doesn’t bother me — that I thought I’d make a bad parent anyway (in an attempt to lighten the mood) — she tried to bring up her “biggest flaw.” She said she had a “weirdly disgusting fetish,” and I’d hate her for it once I found out what it was.

While I wasn’t into anything at the time, I was aware that there’s a wide range of odd things people like. And as long as whatever people do in their bedroom doesn’t hurt anyone else, I’m pretty cool with it. Although, I admit, I was worried she might be into something like necrophilia. That would’ve thrown up some second thoughts.

However, in the moment I couldn’t let that worry show. Like I said, she wasn’t feeling well about herself, and even a slightly negative reaction from me would have probably made it worse. So I calmly asked her what she meant. She hesitated for a moment, but she eventually revealed her fascination for giants to me — specifically being one herself. I admit, initially I felt weirded out by the idea, primarily because I didn’t understand how that’d work in terms of sex. With that size difference, fucking someone normally wouldn’t work anymore.

Now, in retrospect, I realize that I wasn’t very honest about my reaction. Instead of saying how confusing I found it, I tried to understand it better, by asking questions about how it all works and what exactly she likes about it the most. Me showing interest in her fascination definitely helped her calm down, and consequently, led to her opening up about her fetish.

How did the two of you begin to play around with her giant woman fantasies?
To convince your partner that you’re interested in their fascination, you should try to be proactive while exploring and learning about their fetish. Instead of just asking questions, try to use the information your partner has given you about their fetish to build scenarios involving it — or look up pieces of art and/or writing online and present these to them. It’ll create a deeper conversation, where they can go into more detail about what they do and don’t like about it.

Once your partner feels safe and comfortable when discussing their fetish with you, their nervousness eventually fades and will be replaced by passionate enthusiasm. This will almost certainly express itself in your partner becoming more spontaneous, excitable and confident in bed. And they’ll probably, almost unknowingly, put more effort into the sex you share. At least that’s what happened to me.

How often do you include giant play in your sex life — especially compared between when you first started and now?
Due to the fact that this fantasy isn’t easily made a reality, the majority of its involvement in our sex life — especially early on — was focused on imaginative foreplay rather than sex itself. One of the easiest, but also more effective examples was (and still is) reading erotic stories together. (One of our go-to authors is Scott Grildrig, who does some fantastic work.) By itself this reading is already a huge turn-on for us both. But to help her immerse herself even more in this fantasy, I usually read aloud to her. She gets to keep her eyes closed, imagining herself in the story. I try to improve this by imitating the sensations described in the story on her body with my free hand.

To give an example: If the main character of the story is pressing their chest against the facade of a building until it bursts, I try to mimic that by wrapping my arm around her, and applying pressure to her tits. As soon as the story reaches the point that the character breaks the building’s structure, I let to go and slide my arm down her body to simulate the building’s collapse.

It’s probably not all that immersive given the texture of my skin, but her imagination does a lot of the legwork. She swears that she absolutely loves it regardless. Depending on what we’re reading, this can go on for so long that she climaxes, multiple times, throughout the story. She usually also helps herself while I’m reading. These sessions usually end with what you’d describe as vanilla sex. But she admitted that she tends to keep imagining herself as the giantess during the vanilla sex. I turn into her giant lover that’s come to fuck her, wherever she currently is in her fantasy journey.

Once we started involving her macrophilia fetish in our sex life, we pretty much include it every time we get intimate. I wasn’t bothered by how this changes our foreplay; she gets to enjoy it even more, and the end is still the same from my perspective. It’s stayed like that up to today. However, we did start involving some “more appropriate toys” to enhance the kink later on.

In your Reddit thread you wrote, “She asked me to fuck her through a gingerbread house.” How exactly does one fuck their girlfriend through a gingerbread house?
Oh boy… The short answer is, with a lot of difficulty. The longer answer is a logistical nightmare when aiming to not let it end too soon. (Although I’d have never admitted that to her at the time.) The basic idea behind this was to introduce something into the bedroom that makes her feel tall and strong. The gingerbread house would be relatively easy to crush. To quote my Reddit thread, “Gingerbread apparently has that perfect mix between sturdyness and ‘crunchability.’ She said that crushing a dry piece of cake (i.e., gingerbread) in your hand is probably like gripping into a beton or drywall at anything above 50 feet. She claims it is so much more immersive with the cake.”

The sex play started with my girlfriend marveling at the size difference — this “human” home wasn’t tall enough to reach her navel when she was sitting down. Even gently caressing it, it gave in to her touch. We basically carried on like this, carefully breaking off small pieces of the house while she talked to the supposedly terrified inhabitants. Now, before the cake collapsed, I was supposed to stick my dick through it; I’d made it a tad easier for myself by “breaking down” the front door using my fingers beforehand.

Once the tip of my dick was inside the gingerbread house, I pretended to fuck the structure by carefully moving my hips backward and forward. While I did that, my girlfriend wondered aloud what this must look like for the people living inside. This really got her going. However, since this cake was already falling apart, we quickly pulled in closer to each other. We crushed the rest of the structure between our hips. After that, we returned to normal sex — albeit with some cake strewn across the bed. We definitely needed a shower afterward.

Are there other preferred toys that help with your fantasy play?
While the idea of wrecking a model city by fucking on top of it or trying to crush model trains or Hot Wheels cars sounds like a great way to bring this fantasy to life, it wouldn’t happen without some extreme discomfort — due to all the hard plastic/metal bits poking our “thin” skin. Toy manufacturers don’t build toys to be crushed. And while there are some softer toys that could help, they’re all individual “humans.” My girlfriend prefers scenarios in which she can terrorize whole crowds, preferably bunched-up in buildings or vehicles. But they don’t exactly print silicone buses and skyscraper dildos. At least, not to my knowledge.

So, these days, it’s still mostly just us immersing ourselves in imaginary scenarios or masturbating together to recently released pieces of macro art. We do occasionally involve something like gummy bears or the Japanese planet candy we use in our foreplay, but this isn’t the norm.

Do you ever enjoy multi-part stories as your fantasies? Like, an ongoing storyline?
We rely a lot on the material/stories macrophilia content creators share online. So, theoretically, we have “a new story” every week. But the majority of these are pretty similar. It’s almost always about a giant of some sort (or gender) being or growing really tall, and then tormenting and destroying an intelligent civilization with their body. The setting and time changes. Often it’s just an ordinary person who’s gifted with a new size in modern times. Sometimes, it changes to medieval giant witches, Roman gods or oversized alien invaders in the future. But the basic “Godzilla premise” seems to be pretty consistent. So I guess we’re not that adventurous. But in our defense, her interest has a particular focus on being large and destructive.

You’re both gamers. You mention looking forward to playing VR games like Townsmen VR and Giant Cop. Do they make many specific VR games that provide environments where you can see the same world from the perspective of giants?
We unfortunately don’t have a VR headset yet; we’d also need to upgrade at least one of our computers. However, with the release of the new Vive headset — and the consequent drop in price for the older headsets — we’re now actively planning to have both of these bought by the end of September. (We just need to save up a little more money.)

In anticipation, we’ve obviously been talking and fantasizing about how we could use it. The idea we most look forward to is using Google Earth VR and a glass cupboard we have to simulate hugging a skyscraper. For that, we’d first need to find a nice looking skyscraper with a full window front in Google Earth VR — preferably in a very scenic place, maybe something in New York. And then line up the scale of the VR player to match the height of the building with the glass cabinet. Then my girlfriend could step up to the cabinet and press herself against it, but while wearing the VR goggles. It’d hopefully look and feel like wrapping oneself around a giant structure of steel and glass. But we’re generally not sure how practical this is all going to be given the cables and the cumbersome size of the headset. Regardless, I’m sure we’ll find the new perspective to be exciting and inspiring.