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MELonMEL: Grandma’s Virginia Slims and Crying on the Subway

MELonMEL: Cost-Prohibitive Cults, Grandma’s Virginia Slims and Crying on the Subway

Episode 2 of MELonMEL, featuring host Josh Schollmeyer and his panel of John McDermott, Lara Marie Schoenhals and Craig MacNeil

Welcome to MELonMEL, a podcast where the MEL staff tries to talk about MEL stories but mostly ends up talking about themselves. In this episode, Editor-In-Chief Josh Schollmeyer admits to sobbing uncontrollably after his high school girlfriend dumped him, Staff Writer John McDermott rants about the stupidity of the lottery, Contributing Editor Lara Marie Schoenhals further indulges her obsession with the Yottas, (a mysterious German couple who throw lavish parties in the Hollywood Hills) and MEL Radio Executive Producer Craig MacNeil reflects on the power of the cigarette.

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