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MELonMEL: Family-Friendly Gun Shows and Needless Castration

Episode 3 of MELonMEL, hosted by Josh Schollmeyer

Welcome to MELonMEL, the show where the MEL staff tries to talk about MEL stories — but mostly ends up talking about themselves.

In the third episode of MELonMEL, Staff Writer John McDermott recaps his trip to a family-friendly gun show in San Diego, which prompts a discussion on the gang’s nuanced views on gun control. Editor-in-Chief Josh Schollmeyer reveals his bizarre, undying fascination with pig testicles (much to John’s bemusement) before outing himself as a foodie with a less-than-sophisticated palette for liquor. Meanwhile, MEL’s Queen of Irreverence Lara Schoenhals tells us how she escaped the bowels of the movie biz to discover her true-calling as a New York Times best-selling author, and John and Josh recount their experiences as youthful-yet-exhausted manual laborers.

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