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Issa Nut Is the Dirty Talk King of Pornhub

Many women want louder, dirtier-talking men. Issa Nut’s ready to give it to them

Porn performer Issa Nut’s videos are simple: It’s just him, faceless, iPhone camera placed right at groin level, stroking his cock. Often, he’s not even naked — in all but two of his 77 Pornhub videos, his dick and balls are pulled through the flap of his boxers. The contrast of his genitals against the colors of his clothing is part of the appeal — it accentuates his size, and gives viewers the sense that he’s so turned on he didn’t have time to take it all off. His true signature, though, is his voice. Completely unafraid to use it, Issa Nut talks right at the camera, speaking in detail of exactly how he’d destroy your holes. Then, most importantly, he finishes loudly, with no sense of inhibition about his pleasure. There are no other people, no props and no elaborate settings to complicate things — it’s just him, his dick and his voice.

There’s plenty of hardcore, filthy porn available on the web, but Issa Nut’s catalogue of videos on Pornhub, OnlyFans and Twitter have managed to attract a devoted following in the tens of thousands. His most-viewed video offers a clear example of why: As he masturbates with oil glistening across his dick and chest, he coos sweet nothings such as, “Cum on this fucking dick,” “Your pussy is so fucking wet” and “Take that shit,” riffing casually as if he were actually being overwhelmed by sensation during sex. It’s that sense of honest reality that keeps people tuning in, something he quickly learned after he first started sharing videos. 

“The idea came about during a time when I was seeing and flirting with multiple women, all who knew that I wasn’t looking for anything serious,” he tells me. Flirting quickly became sexting, exchanging naughty messages, phone calls and photos. But he had the idea to take it a step further. “I know that dick pics aren’t very attractive, not to mention that it’s hard to take a decent picture, so I decided to send a video of myself masturbating instead. I sent one to a woman I was talking to, and she liked it so much that she asked me to send another.” 

Soon after, he experienced a similar response from another of the women he was speaking to. “The third time it happened, I realized that maybe I was onto something,” he continues. “Maybe I could make some money out of it. I had no clue what sex work was at the time, but I went online in search of ways I could monetize my videos and that’s when I learned of the Pornhub model program.”

It was a germane realization — earlier this year, Twitter went wild for the idea of being sent “nut videos with the sound on,” which are just masturbation videos from men focusing on their audible orgasms. Women in particular discussed how they want to actually hear men enjoying themselves during sex and masturbation, an act of defiance against the deafening, gender-specific silence they’d experienced from guys in the past. 

Men, particularly straight ones, are notoriously silent during sex. As some psychologists speculate, repressing one’s emotions during moments of pleasure is an extension of the repression many men enforce upon themselves as a requirement of masculinity. The problem, of course, is that most people don’t enjoy having sex with someone who offers little indication that they’re having fun. Meanwhile, with heterosexual guys as the audience, much of porn has little space for male moans. When women want to hear a man experiencing pleasure, there are only so many places to turn. 

This was the void Issa Nut realized he could fill when he started posting to Pornhub two years ago. With few other men making masturbation videos with dirty talk catered toward women, he was able to find an audience rather quickly. After about six months of posting, he’d garnered around 50,000 views. But it wasn’t until he moved to Twitter that he started to really take off. He initially only had five followers, but one of those was a fellow sex worker who retweeted a video of his. Quickly, new followers, retweets and comments about how hot it was to hear him talk dirty came rolling in. It all snowballed from there, with the video going viral on Porn Twitter. 

“It was a really crazy moment in my life,” he says. That specific Twitter account was later suspended, so said viral tweet no longer exists, but his current Twitter account has over 20,000 followers. Not to mention, on Pornhub, he now has 18,500 subscribers and 20 million views.

Issa’s not exactly sure what the demographics of his viewers are. Some of his videos on Pornhub direct you to the gay porn section, while others appear on the heterosexual side. He suspects his viewers are equally male and female, but most of the people who comment on his content or interact with him on Twitter are women. “Your words… Your voice… The way you stroke it and make me feel like it’s just for me,” one woman wrote in response to a tweet of his. “The way this video just made my pussy throb,” wrote another. 

Being verbal and talking dirty has always been his thing, but he’s tweaked his style more to accommodate his fans’ desires. He’s learned that people love moaning, both prior to orgasm and during. He’s also learned that many women enjoy being called names — “slut” and “good girl” are popular favorites. Somehow, too, when he says them, they never feel forced or awkward. That’s probably because he keeps the fantasy simple. He doesn’t discuss some elaborate plot, and in that sense, it always feels believable. That’s what separates his content from other types of porn — more than anything, his videos feel like you’ve just received them personally from a guy you’re talking to. 

With just his dick, his words and his noises, the viewer is fully able to let their imagination run. Without ever showing his face, Issa Nut embodies countless women’s fantasies of experiencing a man fully enjoying his own pleasure — and by extension, their pleasure, too.