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ICYMI: Tinder-ing for Shirtless Dummies, Anarchy’s New Groove and Astrology for Dudes

I’ve never understood the shirtless mirror selfie. I mean, I get it, you (likely) have a good bod, but the photos are NEVER good, and that doesn’t even take into account all the narcissism. Instead, try out the advice Tracy Moore writes about below — it’s 100 percent Reddit approved! And oh, today we also had a horny take on Angry Rihanna, a fentanyl explainer and a scary report on the rise of food-allergy bullying. Enjoy!

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“Rihanna Yelling at Men Is Extremely My Kink”
The “my” in that headline is none other than Miles Klee — and he means it. After witnessing all the memes going around the internet of bad girl RiRi giving the business to her Saudi billionaire boyfriend Hassan Jameel, Mr. Klee is very mad that he’s not the one being yelled at. Needless to say, he’s open to the experience. READ MORE

Shirtless Selfies are for Doofuses

How do your potential Tinder matches suggest you highlight your bangin’ bod without looking like a jerk? Try uploading a pic with your shirt on, because the alternative is suspect:

Find out even more about the right way to Tinder here.

What the Heck is Fentanyl, Anyway?

It definitely isn’t “stronger cocaine,” as someone offered up in our writer’s room. In fact, quite the opposite. Read about what Fentanyl really is, why it’s so dangerous and the scary places it’s been showing up, here.

Anarchy in the U-S-A

Anarchy, according to Google: “a state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority,” with synonyms like “lawlessness,” “turmoil” and “mayhem.”

Anarchy, according to those who practice it: A philosophy that works to minimize government’s inherent power over its citizens — and condemns the damage that power does to people.

That philosophy has become increasingly popular among an anxious and resentful youth, tired of seeing potholes go unfixed in their hometowns while border walls are built. Here’s everything you need to know about this old — and long misunderstood — political ideal.

Pineapples As Deadly Weapons

Bullying is bad enough, but bullying a kid because they have a food allergy? This. Is. Madness. A 2014 study found that as many as 32 percent of children with food allergies have been bullied at least once, and that number is only going up.


In the latest episode of Dude-strology, Madam Taj, our art-directing reader of the stars, offers astrological wisdom for the following questions (and signs):

  • For a Libra: Should I buy a new car?
  • For a Sagittarius: How do I get my Taurus girlfriend to try new stuff in the bedroom?
  • For an Aquarius: My Scorpio girlfriend broke up with me after she found my ex’s text thread in my phone. How do I get her back?