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ICYMI: Steroids in Female Bodybuilding, What Your Favorite ‘Jack Ryan’ Says About You and the Art…

ICYMI: Steroids in Female Bodybuilding, What Your Favorite ‘Jack Ryan’ Says About You and the Art of Shoving Things Up Your Pee Hole

I’m excited for the new Jack Ryan series that comes out Friday on Amazon. I’m so excited I might watch the whole thing in one sitting. (Please, please, please Amazon don’t fuck it up!) John Krasinski is a good actor, and his role in Bengazi war-porn film 13 Hours notwithstanding, has the kind of “everyman” quality needed to play a slightly dorky CIA analyst like Ryan. That said, I don’t think the show will sway me from the opinion that Harrison Ford’s Ryan is the best—the perfect mix of ingénue, Boy Scout and middle-aged dad. This scene sums him up quite nicely:

Beat that, Krasinski!

All of which is to say that Tim Grierson has a great piece today on what your favorite version of Jack Ryan says about you—and it’s pretty funny. Check that out, and everything else we published today, below.

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Get to Know Your Favorite Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan, Amazon’s new take on Tom Clancy’s legendary CIA analyst by the same name and starring Office good-guy John Krasinski, is out this weekend, and like I said in the open, I’m pumped, y’all. Did you know that, counting Krasinski, there have now been five on-screen versions of Jack Ryan since 1990’s The Hunt for Red October? Did you also know that which performance you prefer says something about you as a person? No, really, check it out:

Your Favorite Jack Ryan: Alec Baldwin
Movies: The Hunt for Red October (1990)
What this Jack Ryan Says About You: You like good movies, for starters, since THFRO remains the best Jack Ryan movie. And you like your action heroes fit, hunky and sweaty AF.

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But what if Baldwin isn’t your favorite Ryan? That’s fine, there are four more to choose from here.

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