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ICYMI: Right-Wing Pedophilia Paranoia, Living That Lisp Life and Coming Back from a Massive Head…

ICYMI: Right-Wing Pedophilia Paranoia, Living That Lisp Life and Coming Back from a Massive Head Wound

I’m trying to think of something witty or funny to say about the far right’s ongoing campaign to paint liberals as pedophiles, but it’s not really a “fun” topic, is it?

Alternatively, I’ve got our piece today about the amazing ways people have bounced back from traumatic brain injuries, but that’s not really fun material, either.

I think I’m just going to punt on trying to be witty or funny and simply direct you to today’s stories, which, per the usual, are all great and worth your time.

Must Read

“What It Means That the Far Right Sees Pedophiles Everywhere”
According to the data, only 2 percent of the population is attracted to children aged 14 or younger. Yet, if you were to poll the far right, that number among progressives would be closer to 100 percent. Miles Klee writes that, with the conspiracy fringe weaponizing pedophilia against the left, the chance for collateral damage is extremely high. READ MORE

Red Alert


Don’t Call It A Comeback

If there’s one thing about reputational CPR, it’s that with the right mix of groveling and penitence, anyone can convince at least some onlookers that they’re worthy of clemency. Here are some strategies that might take you from permanently stained reputation to whole new slate.

Sthorry, Not Sthorry

What is it like to be high-powered and also speak with a lisp? For one, you might get emails that contain comments like the above, which one CFO of a well-known bank did. Two, and most importantly, you’re in a constant battle to be seen as anything other than immature, childish or unintelligent. And while we’re far more accepting as a society than in the past, stigmatization still persists.

‘Tis But a Head Wound

The human brain is about the most complex structure in the known universe. And one of the things that makes it so amazing is its ability, under the right circumstances, to rebound from even the most traumatic of injuries. Here are some of the wildest examples through history.

60 Seconds of British Dick

For most guys, problems with their dicks amount to it being too small, too big (lol) or an unseemly curve. But for an unfortunate few, dick issues can be much more serious—and I’m not referring to the self-inflicted kind. Here’s all the things that can go wrong with your penis before you even have a chance to mess it up yourself.