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Fashion Week, Through the Eyes of a Male Model

Yankees games, galleries and hanging with Pam Anderson between castings

New York Fashion Week can suck. Shoebox model apartments and sweaty jaunts across town for castings long enough to give you stubble leave little to be desired. But with the right company, navigating the chaos can be a ride to remember.

Here’s a lens into what I did during one of fashion’s biggest weeks of the year.

–Jacob Bixenman

At the Met with Hari
L: Alexander Wang SS17 after-party / R: MSBHV presentation
Yankees game with Hari, Troye, and Adam
L: Hadar Pitchon / M: Alexander Wang after-party / R: Babes. Gabi and Impy outside of Opening Ceremony
My friend Emmanuel ✨
L: SOS / R: Chinatown digs
Three Pams are better than one. Eat your heart out, America.
Art break. Aaron Johnson’s “Turkey Pistol Dinner” at Allouche Gallery
L: Catching some downtime post-NYFW to direct a film project with my friend Adam in East Village / R: Telling the uber driver to crank AC on my way to Carrie Brownstein’s short film premiere with Kenzo
L: Snoop Dogg, Cher, Tina Turner, Prince, and Boy George walk into a bar. The bar is 69’s spring/summer 2017 presentation. / R: Coffee break with Queen Grace in between castings
L: Waiting for my friend Jack to bring down a pair of boots to finish off this summer-in-NY appropriate leather getup before heading to Opening Ceremony’s after party / M: Morning light in Greenwich / R: ✌ ️out, New York

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