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For Guys With Nose Rings, Life Is Bleak When Your Face Can’t Be a Seat

How long do you have to wait after getting your nose pierced before you can indulge in a little facesitting?

Nick, a 22-year-old in North Carolina, loves a good facesitting. He’s delegated a special towel for when his “face becomes a seat,” he boasts, because if he’s done his job right, he’s going to be dripping. He’s regularly indulged in a little queening for the past two years… until one fateful night last month.

That’s when the man who’d just pierced his nose told him, “No diving.”

“I took this to mean all types of diving,” Nick says. “Including nose-diving into women.”

“I figured I probably shouldn’t let a woman melt directly onto my face after getting freshly pierced,” Nick says. So now he’s faced with some awkward questions: How long must he wait before getting under his partner again — and does his nose piercing prevent his face from ever being a comfortable seat again?

“I looked all over trying to figure out answers,” Nick says. “You’d be surprised how many people are currently going through a similar situation with this kind of thing.”

Can my girlfriend sit on my face even though I have a nose ring? from sex

Frank, a 27-year-old in Kentucky, tells me he’s been in the facesitting game for nine years, with 11 different partners. “Facesitting is not a literally dirty act, unless you decide to make it one, so there’s not much risk there,” he tells MEL. From experience, Frank warns that Nick may run the risk of his nose ring getting tangled in pubic hair (for front-facing facesitting) or becoming “uncomfortable for the sitter” during reverse facesitting.

“It’s also a lot easier to breathe than you would think,” he adds. “You can have your face sat upon without involving the nose pretty easily.”

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To find Nick a definitive answer, I reached out to Elayne Angel, author of The Piercing Bible: The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing. 

“Well, that’s a pretty interesting subject,” she begins. “Truthfully, with all healing piercings, you must avoid trauma and irritation. So if there’s excessive pressure or friction against the jewelry, [facesitting] is apt to cause problems with the piercing, which could include scar tissue formation, excess granulation tissue, migration or other issues.”

But pressure and friction aren’t the only potential problems. “All healing piercings must be protected from contact with others’ bodily fluids, even between committed, healthy partners,” Angel says.

Ironically, if Nick had pierced his genitals, he might have better luck. “With most genital piercings, condoms can be worn for protection,” Angel says. “But with something like a nose piercing, whether septum or nostril, that activity would simply need to be avoided while the piercing is healing to prevent bodily fluid sharing.”

Much to Nick’s chagrin, Angel says a nostril piercing takes an average of four to six months to heal, and a septum piercing takes about four to six weeks to heal. It’s the body’s cartilage that makes the healing process slower in the nostril.

Once the piercing is healed, Angel says, there really shouldn’t be any issues, except if the facesitting gets particularly rowdy. “If the partner on top is especially rough, ring-style jewelry in a nostril may be more subject to problems,” she explains. So try a stud earring in your nostril instead, she says.

Nick is left with a lot of time to sit and pine for his favorite sex move. “I was raised to not talk with food in my mouth,” he says. “I’m not talking, I’m not moving, I’m just a seat for however long she needs me to be.”