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Enjoy the Actual, Shitty Views From Hotels Called ‘Buena Vista,’ ‘Ocean View,’ Etc.

That abandoned murder shack will look lovely come summer

Before you book yourself in the “Beautiful View Inn” for your summer vacation, you may want to take a peek on Google Maps Street View first, just to see if they live up to their name. No, really:

Atlantic View

Myrtle Beach, SC
Amenities include a fabulous view of the construction site Porta Potty.

The Seascape Inn

San Francisco, CA
That building across the street is blue and that counts, damn it.

Ocean View Inn & Suites

Toms River, NJ
The ocean must be on the other side of that charming fence. Er, and freeway.

Buena Vista Motel

Buena Vista, VA
The view undoubtedly gets more interesting once they unearth all the rare valuables in those storage lockers.

Lake View Inn

Brackney, PA
Okay, so there’s no lake in sight. But at least you can sleep soundly knowing you’re right next to Leatherface’s tool shed.

Scenic Inn

Grand Blanc, MI
Perhaps HBO provides the scenery they’re talking about?

Ocean View Motor Inn

Charlestown, RI
You won’t see the ocean, but you do get to see into that guy’s living room, so… win!

Lake View Inn

Lake George, NY
The lake is there! Just look all the way down that road, past the guy digging up the septic system.

Scenic Inn

Conway, NH
Not exactly “scenic,” but at least you’ll be the first to know if gas prices go down.

Oceanview Apartments

Los Angeles, CA
What they fail to mention is that it’s a view of Ocean View Avenue. What do you mean, you didn’t read the small print?

Ocean View Motel

Westerly, RI
Where you’ll have a fantastic view of the backs of hotels that actually have a fantastic view. Enjoy!